3 Expert Tips for the Perfect Proposal Pictures

You pause, look into your partner’s eyes, and get down on one knee. Your hands are trembling, and for a moment there, you struggle to retrieve the ring box from your pocket. Your mouth is dry, so you take another big gulp before you ask the love of your life to marry you.

The words come out of your mouth, and before you know it, your partner is in tears and softly whispering, “Yes.” It’s the most magical moment of your life thus far. Better yet, you hired a professional photographer so you can look back at the beautiful memories for years and decades to come.

The recipe for the perfect proposal is that simple. There’s truly no way to mess it up! As you get ready for the big day, make sure you document it so you can revisit the emotions you and your partner felt. If you’re recreating your proposal, you should have a similar focus on capturing the best parts of the sweet rite of passage. In this blog, we’ll walk you through three expert tips for the perfect proposal pictures.

1. Strike the Classic “She Doesn’t Know Yet” Pose

a beautiful proposal
a beautiful proposal

As you recreate the big day or capture the moment as it occurs, strike the classic “she doesn’t know yet” pose. Hold the ring box and embrace your partner in a warm hug while indicating what you’re about to do.

You can do this in numerous ways. Hold a finger to your lips or hold a paper that reads “something special is around the corner…”.

This pose is easier to recreate following your engagement. However, you can also pull it off organically if you’re careful and strategic! You’ll love the final photos. The air of anticipation and excitement will radiate from the photos as you relive the beautiful moment weeks, months, and years down the road!

2. Capture Other People’s Reactions

While focusing on the couple is important, you can go the extra mile by making sure your photographer also captures other people’s reactions!

These shots will add to the joy and beauty of the proposal. Everyone who witnessed the moment was overcome with happiness, and you’ll have their feelings documented!

Many couples request for the focus to be on them. And it should be! However, imagine how beautiful your engagement photo album will turn out if it includes a sweet picture of a young girl grinning ear to ear as you propose ,or an old man standing wide-eyed and gaping at you going down on one knee.

The shock, excitement, and happiness of onlookers will make your big day incredibly special.

3. Take Close-Up Shots

a beautiful proposal
a beautiful proposal 1

An experienced photographer won’t just capture moments; they’ll capture feelings. As your photographer preserves the eagerness and altruistic love in your and your partner’s eyes, you’ll get a glimpse of the happiness and excitement you felt. Your photos will play like a beautiful memory, which is exactly what you want.

Here’s how you can “highlight the love.” Request your photographer to take close-up shots that capture the sparkle in your eyes. If you’ve hired a videographer, ask them to capture little details like the tremor in your hands as you pull out the ring or the tears in your partner’s eyes as they watch you get down on one knee.

These moments turn out a lot more beautiful when they’re captured up-close!

If you’re planning a dreamy proposal, make sure you document it. We recommend hiring an experienced, qualified, and detail-oriented proposal photography and videography team. As they capture the best moments of your proposal, you’ll manage to revisit it countless times in the future.

At TLIC, we’re here to help! Click here for a closer look at our portfolio. When you’re ready, start your TLIC journey. We can’t wait to capture your magical proposal!

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