3 Magical Beach Wedding Moments We’re Still Swooning Over

While every wedding location is beautiful in its own way, there’s something extra special about a beach wedding. The warmth of the sun, the coolness of the crisp waves, the kaleidoscopic colors in the sky, and the saltiness of the sea breeze collectively create a magical aura that cannot be mimicked.

You’re on the right track if you’re planning a beach wedding. We couldn’t be more excited for you! This blog will walk you through three of our favorite beach wedding moments. Get inspired, start planning your wedding photo shoot, and wait for the magic to happen. Let’s begin!

1. The Sun-Kissed Couple

a bride and groom kissing at the beach on their wedding day

Everything about this picture is magical, from the beautiful lens flare to the sun peeking through to the misty waves in the background. This couple is lost in their own universe with not a care in the world, and we’ve never seen something so pure.

There’s something very natural about this shot. The groom’s messy hair and the bride’s necklace casually dangling against her back make this picture a lot more relatable, real, and raw.

It’s not a polished shot. Instead, it’s more spontaneous, casual, and candid. That’s exactly what makes this picture a winner in our eyes. There are no embellishments. All we see is resounding love in its truest form.

2. The Bohemian Fairytale

 a couple strolling along the beach on their wedding day

Another one of our favorites, this photo is as sweet as it gets. This is a bohemian-style landscape shot. There’s a touch of unconventionality and lack of refinement in the photo.

You’ll notice this in most beach wedding photos. The strong wind messes up the couple’s hair, and the roaring waves wet their clothes. None of this is corrected by a hair and makeup team. The natural progression of the photos is preserved.

This results in timeless shots that capture the unembellished beauty of the day. The bride’s hair isn’t perfect here. And the groom’s trousers also evidently have a mood of their own. But that’s what makes this picture so much more appealing, relatable, and emotive.

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3.A Cocktail of Colors

a couple walking along the beach on their wedding day

Beach weddings are known for pictures like this. Checking every box off the list, this photo makes it difficult for us to look away!

The teal waves, hint of orange in the sky, and deep lavender clouds make this photo a work of art. As the couple strolls along the beach, we can’t help but root for their lovely future!

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