3 Wedding Photos with the Perfect Pop of Color!

Your wedding album should be diverse. It should include a mix of photos in different locations, with different colors, and in different styles.

Yes, photographic congruence is important. However, it’s also important to make sure your personalities shine in your wedding album. Make your wedding photos uniquely yours by adding a creative flair.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through three wedding photos with the perfect pop of color! Our photographers will help match your vision if you want to recreate these. Let’s get started!

1. A Pop of Pastel Pink

 a bride holding a bridal bouquet

We love the alliteration in the title, but we love the shot more. The gorgeous bridal bouquet is the star of the show here, and the photographer made sure he captured it in all its glory!

The beautiful pink, peach, coral, and lavender hues are emphasized in this shot. At the same time, we’re well aware of the fact that the couple is right there in the background. However, the focus is still on the bouquet.

This is a great shot as it gives enough away while keeping all the focus on one key bridal element. You can recreate this photo in different ways. The bridal bouquet is the focus here, but you can also double down on other elements like the bridal jewelry, shoes, veil, and so on.

You can also focus on the groom’s boutonniere or any other quirky accessory they have on. As long as something colorful stands out, it qualifies as a pop of color!

2. The Rosy Shot

a couple posing hugging in a field with red roses

We’re in love with this beautiful portrait. As the groom swings the bride in his arms, we can’t help but notice the fresh roses peeking through the foreground.

The photo doesn’t feature any bright colors apart from the roses. The bride is clad in white, the groom’s wearing navy blue, and the background features dark greens. Needless to say, the red surprise immediately appeals to the eyes and becomes the center of our attention.

With the couple posing in the distance, the pop of color provides depth to the photo. We appreciate the visual appeal of the deep crimson roses.

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3. The Orange Powder Cannon

a bride and groom posting in front of a lake and popping a powder cannon

While this photo includes a lot of different colors (many of which are vibrant), one color stands out: orange. The couple smartly brought an orange powder cannon along and did it justice. While we can’t see the entirety of the colored smoke, we get a glimpse of it towards the edge of the photo, and it’s absolutely beautiful.

The couple is fully focused on the burst of color, and we’re following their gaze as viewers. This is the impact of a good wedding photo. Once you’re done taking in the entirety of the photo, you’ll fixate on one or two elements and admire them fully. As you start appreciating these details, other details will also become apparent. It’s like appreciating art!

Want to recreate one of these wedding photos? At TLIC, our wedding photographers and videographers love capturing vibrant colors!

Get in touch with our team in Virginia, DC, or Maryland. We’ll create a custom wedding photography and videography package for you based on your unique requirements and vision.

Let’s begin!

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