Alina & Majid

Separated by and ocean on two different continents, these soulmates conquered the distance, fell in love, and are ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

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What Brought These Two Together

Tell us what brought you together: 

“And We created you in pairs…” [78:8]. This verse from the Quran, essentially signifies that every individual was born into this world with a complimentary second half– that other half being their life partner. They could be oceans away, but with fate, they will land each other and become one whole.
This is what Majid and I believe brought us together. He lives in Pakistan, and I am from Maryland, continents apart. It just so happened out of whim, our families in 2021 found out about each other through a mutual friend. You can say there was a little bit of matchmaking involved.
Our families became friends, and from there Majid and I started to talk, and from the very first time we clicked. We spent all of 2022 getting to know each other, from phone calls, to facetimes, and eventually him flying to the States to see me! At the time I was a flight attendant, I was flying all over the states, switching time zonesw left and right, but still looked forward to every conversation with him.
The moment I met him, I knew he was the one. He says the same. There is level of chemistry between us that feels so reassuring and secure. We both love our families, and have never been happier.
September 17th, we declared our mutual love with an engagement! And with that we wanted to celebrate, with our wedding in December.

If you were to ask the both of us a year ago, if we saw ourselves getting married by the end of 2022… you can say that this journey has been an unexpected, pleasant surprise. It feels like an absolute fairytale.

Why did you decide to get married?

As anyone would, we wanted to get to know each other first. During that process, we both quickly we realized we envision a life together, building a family, and growing old together. Loving and learning from each other everyday. There is a level of comfort that is indescribable. Marriage is a partnership, and having the right partner is important, our personalities fit each-other’s like a glove. He is the best teammate, with the most beautiful heart and soul. We are ecstatic, and enjoying each and every day.

Top 5 things you like to do together?

The number one thing, is dining out. We love food and trying new foods.
Coffee dates is number two, there is a particular theme here, but we like to see new places, experimenting with new tastes.
We love watching movies. It was actually one of the first things we talked about and really bonded over, Godfather and Scarface! Something about watching a movie with your forever person is just so much fun, and it’s something we truly enjoy.
We love driving around and sharing music. The peacefulness of a late night drive with ambient music playing in the background is an absolute vibe. It keeps us present and grateful.
Family time is also a big one. We come from a culture where family is incredibly important. We both make sure to do what we can to spend as much time as we can with our loved ones.

What are 3 values you two share?

 Religion, Family, and having fun with life are the three most important values we share. Life is too short to take everything too seriously, being lighthearted, kind and having fun with the world makes living this life so much easier. Alongside fun, religion is incredibly important, it’s a form of ethical discipline that aligns with the way we want to live our lives. It builds character, and allows you to live a healthy, good, prosperous life. Family is the other value we share. Our families brought us together, and without them our relationship would not have blossomed into the beautiful journey it has become. They are our foundation to who we are and why are the way we are. We want to pass along the values, our families have taught us, onto our future family and so on. There’s so much culture and tradition that is so beautifully rich within our families, it’s just too hard to not be appreciative.

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