Casey & James

Casey & James

With a little matchmaking help from their angels, fate brought these two together at just the right time!

An Annapolis Wedding Videographers Look Into Their Love Story

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What Brought These Two Together

As fate would have it, Casey and James both grew up in Bowie, Maryland. They first met in the halls of their high school thanks to a mutual friend they shared. Although they were not super close friends at the time, they found themselves staying connected and on each other’s radar through social media apps. Over the years Casey and James pursued their own goals and dreams, growing themselves as individuals. One thing they did not yet realize they had in common was the hope of finding someone special they could share their lives with and build a future full of love and laughter.

Finally fate allowed for their paths to reconnect while Casey was in graduate school pursuing her master’s degree. One day out of the blue James reached out to Casey over social media and asked her if she would like to meet up for a drink one night. Quickly after this first meeting it was clear that something magical was brewing, or perhaps it was “love at first sip” as these two immediately became inseparable! They found themselves drawn to each other, and as time passed and every conversation flowed it was clear that their connection was so strong, effortless, and exciting! Casey and James both soon felt in their hearts that they were meant for each other. It is clear that timing was everything with their love story, and they truly believe that their angels were the ones who finally brought them together at just the right time in their lives.

When we asked Casey and James when they knew marriage was the next chapter in their love story, this loving couple shared that they could not imagine their lives with one another. They anted to celebrate this realization by committing fully to one another through the sacrament of marriage. Casey shared, “Joining together as husband and wife is such a beautiful thing and it’s definitely a bonus that we are also gaining each other’s amazing families. We both felt that we never could be our 100% authentic selves with anyone else and when you find that person who accepts all the things about you – even the not so good things – it’s truly a magical thing. We share the same moral and values but an also bring different perspectives to one another and teach each other new things. Family means everything to us, and we are so looking forward to creating one of our own. We have such unconditional love for each other, and we can’t wait to share that love with our children one day. Journeying through life together has been such a fun and exciting adventure. We can not wait for our future as Mr. and Mrs. James Glotfelty. We thank God everyday for bringing us together.”

In their free time, Casey and James love traveling, especially to the beach, and going out on the boat on Chesapeake Bay. They also enjoy taking walks with their dog, and spending time with their friends and families.

Three values that Casey and James share are family, teamwork, and kindness. Family is everything to them, and they always work together and do things as a team. Both of them also strive to make an effort to treat everyone around them with kindness and compassion.

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Belmont Manor near Elkridge Maryland


belmont Belmont Manor Elkridge Maryland Wedding Photography Videography

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