Complementing Your Wedding Theme with The Right Photography Style

Choosing the wedding theme is one of the first decisions you make during the planning process. Everything else that follows—the dress, the décor, the venue, and so on—follows this very aesthetic decision. All the little details come together on the day of the wedding to create a particular atmosphere that’s unique to your love story.

Your wedding photographer’s job is to help your theme shine through in your photos. Keep reading to discover how professionals can tailor photography styles, setting, and lighting to your wedding theme.

Vintage Wonderland

If you’ve chosen a vintage theme, the dress and décor will likely draw inspiration from decades past. Similarly, the photography style for a vintage wedding will also incorporate elements of nostalgic photography. Your wedding photographer and videographer may choose a grainy finish on the footage or create a haze effect that mimics the photo finish of older cameras. 

For vintage weddings, couples often opt for classic portrait styles with the bride sitting down, veil trailing gracefully in the back, while the groom stands next to her. You can also imagine photos of traditional moments, such as the guests throwing rice over the newlyweds, or closeups of the couple reading their wedding vows.

a couple posing in front of a vintage car

A Romantic Affair

Delicate lighting, soft hues, and plenty of blushing florals are the highlight of a romantic theme. You can expect personalized décor with hanging lights, subtle pastel accents, and statement floral pieces, like a flower wall, to be the featured elements. 

With love in the air, the romance of the day also needs to translate into your photos. For this theme, the couple should try out a variety of closeups and distance shots as they embrace, kiss, and hold hands. Another great idea is putting aside some time during the evening with muted lights and florals for some stunning ‘bokeh’ shots. 

Contemporary Luxe

Modern glamor is all about iconic elements, such as a luxurious venue, metallic accents, and cool structural details. A modern spin can also mean a bold color scheme or opulent tones paired with crystal to boast beauty and elegance. 

Couples who opt for this theme will find that glamorous, editorial-style portraits are the best way to channel the decadence of the event. Photography will be dramatic and confident, with bolder poses influenced by high-end fashion. 

Rustic and Boho-Chic

Glamor aside, some couples prefer to take a more laid-back approach and spend the day relaxing with their friends and family. These weddings often take place in natural, outdoor settings and incorporate a lot of earthy tones and natural materials. 

The photography for the day matches this style with more candid photos that match the relaxed feel. In such cases, there are a lot of distance shots of the sun-kissed couple as they embrace each other, greet family members, and enjoy the festivities. 

newlyweds walking outside during golden hour

If you’re looking for an unforgettable, seamless photography experience that matches your theme, browse the incredibly diverse portfolio curated by TLIC professionals. 

Covering weddings all around Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or DC, we give you the freedom to build your own package for videography and photography, making this team a convenient and reliable choice for your wedding needs. 

Since we ensure each shot is executed to perfection, our work is often featured on The Knot,WeddingWire,Maharani Weddings, The Coordinated Bride, Here Comes the Guides, and more. 

Reach out to us at 301-478-8767 to schedule a meeting to learn more about how our wedding photography packages can help you design your dream photoshoot. 

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