The Hardships of DIY Wedding Videography

The Hardships of DIY Wedding Videography

We have edited our fair share of DIY weddings. Missing footage, shaky footage and bad audio. No thank you!

The Hardships of DIY Wedding Videography

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Wedding Memory Perfection

Are you on the fence about hiring a wedding videographer on account of your budget? You might want to ask a friend or family member to capture your wedding highlights. It may seem like a good idea because you trust this person. They will also do it for free! Be warned, unless this person has filmed weddings before, the chances of mistakes go way up! We at TLIC Media will shed some light on why DIY wedding videography is a bad idea.

While wedding videos aren’t cheap, they are well worth the cost. A skilled wedding videographer is aware. They capture the best spontaneous moments. They find a way to get clear audio. They see every moment of your wedding as an opportunity to capture a cherishable memory. Like a master weaver, they take all these moments and create a  beautiful tapestry. A wedding film that you can be proud to show your family, friends, and future kids!

The 4 Reasons DIY Might Ruin Your Wedding

1. Get out of the way!

An inexperienced wedding videographer tends to always be in the way. Stress on every vendor increases when there is an inexperienced photo or video team. They can get in the way of the ceremony. They can bump into something or someone during your wedding, causing injuries. They set their equipment in places that is inconvenient for other vendors and guests.

2. Lack of finesse, coordination, and equipment.

If you choose to have a non­professional to film your wedding, you will deal with:

a. Poor wedding vendor etiquette. Working with other vendors during the wedding is half of the videographer’s job. Inexperienced videographers don’t play well with other vendors.

b. Poor equipment to produce a high­quality job. This results in major disappointments for you. Do you want craked audio for your vows and speeches? Or to get back black footage because they didn’t use lights during the reception?

c. Unaware of key moments. Shaky footage, talking while recording, missing the key moments, and disorganization. These are a few things you can expect from an unexperienced wedding videographer.

If you want to rely on guests to capture your wedding you will be let down. I promise. I have edited weddings that were filmed by wedding guests. They have 25 clips of semi­important moments and 0 of  more­important moments. You will have to track down every guest to have them upload their footage. What a headache! Please never rely on your wedding guests to record your wedding.

3. Is it worth the cost?

Finding a family member or friend to film your big day usually saves you money, but sometimes it doesn’t.  When the film comes back and it’s less than you expect, you will reach out to a professional editor to make it right. In most cases, the footage they provide us is sloppy, and the audio is terrible. After the wedding, you are only left with the videos captured. Is it worth the cost of having a less than stellar way to remember your wedding day?

4. Legal kickback.

You do not need a license to be a wedding videographer, except if you plan to pilot a drone. There are legal implications for flying a drone without the necessary licenses. For this reason, many venues do not allow drones on their premises anymore.

Do things right -­ Hire a professional!

You want a wedding video that is filmed and edited to perfection. Hiring a professional wedding videographer guarantees creativity and thoughtfulness in your video. Past that, a video pro is aware,  composed, and always thinking two steps ahead. They are able to work well with other vendors, care for you and your needs, and make your wedding fun and memorable.

A professional videographer will find creative shots without being invasive. They think about how each shot will go together to make the story of your wedding come to life. They also source clear audio from the critical moments during the wedding.

A professional videography team takes away all the stressors we mentioned. They ensure that you remember your big day in vivid color and detail, sound, and speech. You and your family have invested so much to make sure your wedding is close to perfection. Hire a professional wedding videographer to make it memorable for generations to come!

How to hire a wedding videographer?

It is easy to find a wedding videographer. Anyone nowadays with a semi-decent camera believes they can film weddings. It is important that you find a videographer that you feel comfortable with. With a dwindling budget, you may find it easier to price shop for the best budget videographer. It is important to stay within the budget. But don’t let your budget ruin your wedding day by having an in the way, awkward video team. You will spend the majority of your wedding day with your video and photo team. Make it a priority to find and hire a videographer you gel with.

Professional videography prices range from as much as $10,000 to as little as $1,000. An experienced videographer should cost you $3,000 to $5,000.

For a reliable wedding videographer in Frederick County, Maryland, reach out to TLIC Media. As your wedding videographers, we aim to understand your needs and desires. We then plan and shoot your wedding video. We are patient and personable with our couples. We are happy to help them preserve the memories of their big day the way they dreamed of. At the same time, it’s our pleasure to guide them through the process and work in tandem with their other vendors.

To learn all about our videography packages, please click here. For details about our pricing, please click here or get in touch with us by clicking here.

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