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Weddings are what we live for! TLIC is a rapidly growing team made up of dedicated, experienced and passionate professionals dedicated to creating a timeless legacy for you to relive your wedding memories forever. We pride ourselves on a close-knit family feel that will make you feel comfortable, confident, and right at home as we welcome you to our growing TLIC family and fill your wedding journey with fun. From our photographers, videographers, in-house editing team, client relations specialist and social media developer, we only hire people that are in love with weddings. When you book our team to capture your memories you are receiving a team committed to going above and beyond to make your wedding unforgettable!

From our first wedding back in 2016 to now we have had the honor of capturing over 150 happy couples’ wedding celebrations! As the TLIC family continues to grow, we look forward to many more years of capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments and making each of our couples’ investments into their wedding memories something they can cherish and treasure for generations to come! 

We believe there is an incredible benefit to having photo and video members on the same team. Not only does it guarantee a smooth wedding day timeline, but also simplifies the journey leading up to your big day – one contract, one point of contact, and one creative vision. Bonus – our team can capture your photo/video moments simultaneously. This allows you to spend less time capturing and more quality time with friends and family. 

However, booking TLIC for both services is not a requirement. If you have already secured a photographer or videographer for your wedding, we are happy to collaborate with your vendor team. You may choose Photo, Video, or Both! 

The TLIC Team has captured incredbile weddings at over 70+ venues in the DMV area over the past 5 years. However, if we haven’t been to your venue yet, scouting new locations is our specialty!

To prepare for your wedding, we have our team check out photos and videos taken from the new location and always arrive early to get a feel for the layout. You can have confidence that the most epic shots you see posted by your venue will be yours soon!

Yes! We like to create a personal experience for each one of our couples, and this begins with your love story. Creating a custom blog article for you to share your story with friends and family is our gift to you. For photo packages, we will include a link to your full wedding gallery to make sharing your memories easy. If you book TLIC for video, your landing page will showcase your wedding film/s. If your photographer grants permission, we are happy to share a link to your wedding gallery. 

Yes, we are a fully registered and insured LLC 

Yes, our lead videographers have all completed the required drone safety and regulation training, and have received their licenses to fly the drone. 

We enjoy making things simple and this includes our booking process. Our couples are able to process payments directly through our website with no credit card fees or taxes. You will be walked through the two different deposit options by our team members once you select your photo and/or video package. 

Photo Questions

Don’t worry – we will make you and your spouse feel like naturals in front of our cameras! We love to make posing easy, romantic, and fun. Our photographers are smooth posers. They will make you look and feel your most confident, comfortable self.

We also have helpful tips and guides we provide to you along the way so you feel as stress-free and confident walking into your big day!

Photo rights are reserved for our couples. We offer high-quality prints that you can order directly from our site but we are happy if you want to download and print them yourself.

If you want to apply an edit on some of the photos in addition to what we did, you are more then welcome!

Yes! Engagement sessions are offered as a add-on to your photo package. Your engagement is a special time in your love story and it’s a great way for you and your spouse-to-be to connect and share intimate time together in the midst of wedding planning. The session is also an awesome opportunity to meet and bond with your photography, and practice poses for your I Do’s.


We have an amazing team behind TLIC. After each wedding, we get to work right away to make sure you do not have to wait forever to receive your photos. The typical turn around time is 50 days, and you can expect sneak peeks of your gallery within 1 week after your wedding!

We have an exclusive partnership with White House Custom Color. We highly recommend that you purchase your most important prints from our gallery. They will be much higher quality than what you can get from a consumer print lab like Shutterstock or Walmart photos. 

We give print release after 30 days which is just a fancy way of saying you can do whatever you want with your photos once we deliver them! 

Video Questions

Yes, we consider audio as important as visuals when making your wedding films. We make sure that every moment you will want to remember audio is recorded including letter exchanges, first look reactions, personal vows, ceremony, toasts, & speeches.

Yes, as long as the venue/location has no fly-zone restrictions, our videographer will fly the drone to capture epic shots of your venue. 


We have an amazing team behind TLIC. After each wedding, we get to work right away to make sure you do not have to wait forever to receive your photos and videos.

Once we deliver your films you have full rights to do whatever you want with them. You can make reels or TikToks with your footage, change the song, whatever you want to do, the video is yours!

We are a custom-to-couple wedding videography company. What that means is that we make each film based on your likes, interests, hobbies, VIPs, etc. You will be the only person in the world with a wedding video like yours.

Yes, our live streaming is available as an add-on to your video package.  To share your wedding ceremony with ease, we connect and post the live stream link to your love story article. This custom URL can be shared in advance with your guests so they have access to where your wedding live stream will be broadcasted. 

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Thousands of couples in the DMV reach out to us each year to capture their wedding.

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