TLIC First Look Sales Call

Transitions Closing & Objection Handeling

Ask them:

    • Since you are already / are not familiar with the site. I would love for you to screenshare so I can walk you through your TLIC journey.
      Does that work for you?

Share reasons you joined at TLIC and your thoughts about the company.

Walk them through their experience with TLIC:

    • Love Story Article (Real Weddings)
      • Screenshare with them an article revelant to their venue or services they are getting. 
    • Social Media
      • Mention Facebook Group
    • Vendor Connection
      • We get your entire vendor team on the same page
    • Portfolio Page
      • Brief overview of types of films, styles, and photo details
    • Timeline Review (Photo only)
      • We will review your timeline and help make the final decision around 2 months before your wedding
    • Final Meeting
      • We go over everything you want to get out of your photo/video experience. 

If they have an idea of what package they want:

  1. Take them to the package
  2. Ask them what they like about the package
    • Affirm them
  3. Ask if they have any hesitations about booking
    • Answer their hesitations.
  4. Ask if they want to move forward today. 

If they don’t know what package they want:

  1. Briefly explain the essentials package 
    • Add to package
  2. Ask them if that covers everything they are looking for. 
    • If yes – Do steps 2-4 above
    • Tell them that any add-on can be added to their package at a discounted rate until 2 weeks before their wedding
    • Ask if they wanted to see any of their add-on options
  3. Lead them through the package add ons in brief
  4. Ask them if they were interested in any
  5. Take them to the cart
  6. Ask if the package looks good
  7. Ask them in a perfect world what would they pay if they could get this package.
  8. If the budget is reasonable let them know we can make it work
  9. If you are unsure call Chris 240-529-4033 to get approval during your meeting. 

Don’t be afraid! Always ask for the sale:

Here are some one-liners:

  • Does everything we talked about today line up with what you are looking for?
  • Do you have any reservations before we move forward?
  • Is there anything stopping you from moving forward today?
  • Are you ready to get this started?! 

Take them through the checkout pages and explain the deposit options. 

  • 50/50 – Mostly used for down the line package upgrades this is a 50% deposit due at booking followed by the final payment two months later. 
  • Date Lock – Mostly used for booking your package this is 3 payments of 33% over 6 months
  • Soft Hold – Used if you are still on the fence this fully refundable deposit tentatively holds your date for 30 days, then after the 30 days it turns into a date lock


  • Budgeting is always a challenge, may I ask what you were hoping for? 
  • I understand how budgeting can get in the way of what you want. May I ask what about the package you liked and what wasn’t as important to you?
  • In an ideal world, what would you hope to pay for the package we discussed today?


  • What do you think will be the deciding factor for you two?
  • Awesome! How do you feel about what we talked about today?
  • When you talk to them, what are some things that you find important to bring up?
  • Thats great! Are you excited to share what we talked about today? 
  • Awesome! How do you feel about everything we discussed today?

If the meeting has to come to an abrupt ending ask them for a follow-up the same or next day. Be flexible with your time, doing an immediate follow-up will keep us in rapport with the couple.

Ask what their budget is

  • If under $2000
    • Ask if there is any wiggle room in the budget. (If so do below) 
  • If under $3000
    • Offer Raw footage only full day coverage (2k for 1 photographer/videographer, 2,550 for 2)

If their budget is low and we have multiple bookings for their day, let them know we can get back to them within the next three days. 

We should always strive to close the deal with a soft hold if they are unable to make the full purchase that day.

  • Remind them:
    • I don’t want you to miss the chance if you are still on the fence 
    • Book the refundable soft hold and worst-case scenario we give you your money back

If they didn’t book: 

  • How quickly are you trying to make your final decision?
  • When do you think you will have a decision by?
  • Awesome can I shoot you a text or give you a call sometime on X or X? 

End the call by scheduling a follow-up. 

If they seem hesitant to us following up:

  • Is there any reason they wouldn’t want to have a follow-up?



You can expect to get a next steps email that lays out the rest of our journey together as well as a fun and quick form that we use to create your article. 

After we get your article back we will send you a social media form so we can connect online. 

Then around 90 days from your wedding we will reach out to get your vendor team (If photo – and review your timeline). At this point we will set up the meeting for you to get to know your lead photographer/videographer.

Around 60 days before your wedding we will do a timeline review with you. We will talk about all that you want to fit into your wedding and create a custom timeline with you! 

Around two weeks from your wedding date we will have our final meeting to solidify everything you want to get out of your TLIC experience. 

We will go over each moment of the wedding to solidify how we will film and photograph your wedding. 

Our team will get to your wedding 15 minutes before our scheduled time to set up their equipment.


If they haven’t been to the venue before they will come 30 minutes early to set up the gear and scope out some of the key photo & video spots around the venue. 

Hours of Coverage depend on the package.

In general, if you need us up to 1-hour additional we will not charge. If you need us for more than 1-hour over we will charge an hourly rate of $100 per team member. 

Our goal is always to get your final photos & films within a month from your wedding but we can guarantee that you will get them in 60 days or less.

For video: We offer 1 free round of corrections as long as you submit your notes within 7 days of us emailing your films. After the 7 days of the first edit, you will be charged a flat rate of $80 an hour.

For photo: We can change the style one time as long as you submit your notes within 7 days of us emailing your films. After the 7 days of the first edit, you will be charged a flat rate of $80 an hour for any changes to photos.

If you want us to photoshop something from the image, the flat rate is $40 per photo. 

If there are additional moments you want us to edit we will be happy to edit them for $5 per photo. 

You can anticipate around 30 days from the time of final delivery to when you get your photo album/videobook/media device. 


We consider audio as important as visuals when making your wedding films. We make sure that every moment you will want to remember audio is recorded in 3 points. 

For example, for your ceremony, we will have a lapel mic on your minister, the groom, and a field recorder that captures all of your DJ’s audio. 

During your reception, we record everything from the DJ so you can remember the music that was played as well as your speeches.

With a 2nd videographer, you get much more than twice the footage. By the nature of a wedding, there will be missed moments with one videographer. It’s impossible for them to capture everything while moving gear, coordinating with the photographer, planner, DJ, etc. 

A second videographer gives you twice the footage but also ensures you are not missing any moments. 

We are a custom-to-couple wedding videography company. What that means is that we make each film based on your likes, interests, hobbies, VIPs, etc. You will be the only person in the world with a wedding video like yours. 

As long as the venue/location allows, your primary shooter arrives early to fly the drone around your venue. If you have two videographers there is a possibility of flying the drone again later during the portrait session. 

If weather prohibits, we would supply footage from another wedding if we have filmed there before. 

We have a chronological and simple short-form approach with our editing. We try to stay away from flashy editing tactics to keep your video as timeless as possible. 

Low light is a videographer’s biggest nightmare. With the quality of our equipment we can film in low light but overall, using light can make a simple moment look cinematic and amazing.

During your reception, we will use video lights as long as it doesn’t disturb the atmosphere you are trying to create. 

Music makes the mood. We have multiple libraries of licensed music that work great no matter the couple or video style.

However, we are excited to use any music that has sentiment to you. We will discuss the music choice for your video in our final meeting. 

Once we deliver your films you have full rights to do whatever you want with them. You can make reels or TikToks with your footage, change the song, whatever you want to do, the video is yours! 


add info about photo/video team (who is on team, # of people, brief explanation about subcontracting

Accordion Content


Accordion Content

-Back-up equipment is essential. Our videographers come with their own gear + the gear that we give them to shoot with in case anything was to go wrong with our equipment. We also capture both Raw Footage to two SD cards at the same time so you essentially have 2 copies of all the footage taken.

For our professional live streaming we use a minimum of 2 cameras and we cover entire ceremony. It can be live or if the venue has poor internet quality or connection issues, we can film the entire ceremony and broadcast it with an 1-hour time delay and post afterwards to the couple’s article. The live streaming is connected and posted to the couple’s article and the couple has their own custom URL that can be shared in advance so guests have access to where the wedding live stream will be broadcasted. 


By the nature of a wedding, there will be missed moments with one photographer. It’s impossible for them to capture everything while moving gear, coordinating with the videographer, planner, DJ, etc. 

A second photographer gives you twice the photos but also ensures you are not missing any moments. 

Your family portrait session is vital for you and your family members. These are the photos that everyone will put on their mantel or hallway of fame. 

We will make sure to go over your formal shot list during our final meeting. 

It’s a great idea to take some family photos before the ceremony if you are doing a first look or having the minister make an announcement directly after the ceremony. 

We try our best to use natural light every moment of your wedding.

For moments where natural light doesn’t exist, we will use our on and off-camera flash. 

No matter what package you get we will make sure that we tell the story of your wedding from start to finish. The more photos you have us edit the more photos from each moment you will have. 

Family formals are in addition to the package photo count. So if you get the 200+ photos in the essential and you have 30 family formal photos you will have a minimum of 230 photos. 

Photo rights are reserved for our couples. We offer high-quality prints that you can order directly from our site but we are happy if you want to download and print them yourself.

If you want to apply an edit on some of the photos in addition to what we did, you are more then welcome! 

We love to make posing easy, romantic, and fun. Our photographers are smooth posers. They will make you look like a supermodel even if you feel like a hot mess. 

We try to shoot in an enhanced, light, airy, but natural style. We want our photos to last you forever so we avoid putting any aggressive filters on your photos. 

-All of our photographers are fun and amazing, I wouldn’t bring them on my team if they weren’t. Their approaches are slightly different but the results are the same we have dedicated editors that make sure the style looks the way you want
-Combined our photographers have captured well over 200 weddings, however, since we launched photo at TLIC (Fall of this past year) we have captured 3 under the TLIC brand. By the time your wedding comes around, we will have photographed close to 40 weddings under the TLIC name.


dd info about photo/video team (who is on team, # of people, brief explanation about subcontracting

meet photographer 60-90 days before

Editing photos to look lighter/darker or moody

-Back-up equipment is essential. Our photographers come with their own gear + the gear that we give them to shoot with in case anything was to go wrong with our equipment. We also capture both Raw and JPG images to two SD cards at the same time so you essentially have 4 copies of every photo taken.

if you prefer a photographer with specific (moody?) style

Thats the nice thing, because we are a team and not an individual, if your team member was to have an emergency we will have another on standby just in case. If its a huge error on our part we will always give your money back if we had to cancel ( which has never happened to this day!)

Photo + Video

Have you ever heard a story of a wedding photographer and videographer? 

It’s pretty common that there is tension in the photo/video relationship because of both being paid well to do a similar job to the best of their ability. Sometimes competition over time can create unnecessary stress for you. 

With our team, photographers are trained to get shots that also look good for video and both photo & video know that they are working towards the common goal of making your wedding day awesome and memorable forever. It takes the tension and stresses away. 

Common Questions

During the pandemic we didnt have a single cancelation. We are proactive and will communicate all options with you in the case of any force majure type situation. Our goal would be to reschedule with you. 

If they ask about charges for date change.
As of now we don’t charge extra for date changes to any day other than Saturday. We do have a 5% total package fee for changing to a Saturday. 

We havent been to your venue yet but scouting new locations is our specialty! 

We have our team check out photos and videos taken from a new location and always arrive early to get a feel for the layout. You can have confidence that the most epic shots you see posted by your venue will be yours soon!

We are both licensed and insured. We even provide one-day event insurance if your wedding venue requests.  

Our payment plans make it simple. The three options are Date Lock (33%), 50/50, and Soft Hold. 

In order to fully book your date you will need to do either the Date Lock – which is three 1/3rd payments over 6 months or the 50/50 which is 50% deposit followed by a 50% final payment 2 months later. 

If you are on the fence I reccomend doing the soft hold today. Its a 2% fully refundable deposit that puts you in priority for your date while you make your final decision. 


For Saturday / Prime Season Weddings:

Because your wedding is on a popular date we can not offer any discounts. However, we do have a fun easter egg hunt that if you find them all you will get 77% off any add on upgrade to your package!

Discounts we offer:

  • 5% off for Friday/Sunday wedding
  • 7.77% off for Monday-Thursday wedding
  • 5% Veteran / Active Duty / Police / Public Service

We love to make your portrait session fun and lighthearted. Our team knows that the best way to get the memories you want is to bring out your personality through proper posing. 

We will make sure our team has a personality profile about you and your posing desires so you can nail your portrait session. 


Keeping your memories safe is very important to us. During shooting we always record two copies of each moment.

After your wedding we do not clean our cards until everything is backed up on both Google drive and our local cloud server. Both backups can be accessed any time, anywhere in the world, forever with any package you get with us. 

There is no travel fee if the venue is within 2 hours roundtrip of Frederick MD. Otherwise, it’s $40 an hour per team member.

Any wedding over 3 hours away is considered a destination wedding and will have to purchase our fairytale package which includes all travel fees except hotel cost. 


We bring good weather with us! Our hope is that you dont have to adjust your wedding plans based on the weather but if it happens we are right there with you to still make it the best day ever!

We match you with the team member that will fit your personality and style the best. Around 60 days out from your wedding you can expect us to set up a time for you to meet them!

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Thousands of couples in the DMV reach out to us each year to capture their wedding.

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