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What Brought These Two Together

What brought you two together?

We met freshman year of college in the unfinished basement of Dogtown, one of the YoungLife houses hosting (literally) underground social gatherings during COVID. Quickly after meeting each other, we went on a day ski trip to Snowshoe Resort which eventually became a frequent weekend activity for us. During the two-and-a-half-hour car ride both ways we talked about God, our lives, and the nuances of the overlap between those two things.

It was on the first drive to Snowshoe that I realized how deep and thoughtful TQ is. As we drove he asked profound questions about faith, life, and relationships. His creativity, his ideas, and his mind overflow in a beautifully abundant way. He not only had a thirst for God, but he was also humble and willing to seek answers to his questions and to learn from the wisdom of others. He was just finding faith for himself in a real way and asked me “What does it look like to be a man of God?” The question shook me to my core. He wanted to know, he wanted to live it, he wanted to be a man of God. He had no interest in me yet, and would not for many months, but this is when I began to like him.

In the following year, our friendship grew consistently. During the school year, we navigated leadership training in our respective ministries and changing friend groups among other personal experiences that helped us socially and emotionally mature beyond our freshman-year selves. This season was challenging at points, sweet during others, but rewarding in large part due to our ability to see each other grow and handle change.

We traveled to Hatteras with the rest of the YoungLife people in our class at the beginning of that summer.

At this point, I had liked TQ for almost five months! Our friendship was beautiful. We spent hours each week rock climbing, hanging out with our friends, reading scripture, and having all kinds of deep conversations, but he was not interested in me. Right before we left to go to the beach I had gone on a single date with a perfectly nice guy who had asked me out. The beach was a whirlwind of fun! There were 40 of us between 2 girl’s houses and 1 guy’s house. We played, surfed, ate ice cream, and blasted music all week. While driving back from an excursion with two other friends, TQ and I sat in the backseat rolling a baseball across our legs and talking about various dreams about the future. At that moment, I realized that this was a man I could marry. I had to wait for him. When we got back he picked a wildflower (these have profound meaning to me ask me about it later if you don’t know) and handed it to me. I knew at that moment it was worth the wait, however long it might take for him to start liking me. The flower stayed in my phone case from a full year of us dating before it found a more permanent home in a frame.

Later that summer we went back and forth between our houses in Northern Virginia and our new houses in Harrisonburg. We traveled together and spent lots of time deep in conversation similar to how we started on the trip to Snowshoe. While in Harrisonburg we helped each other put our new houses together.

By the end of the summer, we started to verbalize the feelings we had for each other.

The start of our relationship was sweet and slow. He finally got around to telling me he liked me, and we began to pursue each other. Things for us really began at Reddish Knobb and Switzer Lake spending time again, in deep conversations about the transition of our friendship to one of a dating relationship.

Why did you decide to get married?

When our junior year started we continued to pour our time into our school work and the leadership roles we were given. The year soon became marked by our introduction to passions we both found in areas of work beyond school.

During this year I learned just how far TQ’s wonderful mind and ideas go. His creativity paired with his entrepreneurial spirit led him to start one project after another. He pursued each of them with so much intentionality and thought. I learned that he is a builder. He is a builder of deep relationships, of ideas, of shelves, of businesses, and a builder of better things. He takes what is, sees what can be, and moves to make the change. We both found things that we were interested in and learned so much about each other through the process. It was during this year that TQ came with me to Costa Rica on an IV mission trip. My heart has been in Latin America since early high school. It has become such a part of who I am. Watching him teach and play with the children there gave me peace. Women in the community and the site leaders told me how much they needed men like him in their ministries. They told me not to let him go, to marry him, and to move back. While I don’t know where or what the Lord will call us to, I do know that TQ learned a whole new part of me while we were there.

We spent this past summer growing towards each other and the Lord by establishing some context we’d like our relationship to encompass. After talking at a coffee shop (The source of the most controversial beverage in our relationship) we had, in writing, the why, what, how, when, and where of our relationship. In its essence, we dedicated ourselves to striving towards shalom with each other and with God. This strive towards peace and wholeness is just that, a strive. We do not expect to live in peace with each other at all times of our marriage but we believe that it is the best way to love each other with the kind of love that God gives us and we see in scripture that it is the best way for us to show His love to everyone around us.

What are your top 5 things to do together:

Rock climbing
Board Games
Hanging out with friends/family

What are 3 values that you two share? 

The Lord needs to be first in our lives
A calling to pour into the next generation
Open communication is important

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Raspberry Plain Manor

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