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What Brought These Two Together

What brought you two together?

Hanny and I first met on July 15, 2021, in Dallas, Texas. Hanny and her siblings were visiting guests at my parents house. I was tasked with showing Hanny and her siblings around town since it was their first time in the city. Hanny’s stay in Dallas was brief, merely three days, but those days turned out to be the most incredible and unforgettable days of my life at that time.
Even before exchanging a single word, a captivating energy sparked between us. It was as if we both sensed something special about each other, an unspoken connection that transcended words. We were both nervous initially, but in each other’s presence, we found comfort and solace.

During our first conversation, it felt like time ceased to exist. From the very first words we exchanged, an invisible bond formed, binding us together. We became inseparable, our hearts entwined in a dance of affection and genuine companionship. This was a love unlike any we had experienced before, a love that enveloped us completely and unconditionally.

Despite the geographical distance that separated us, we refused to let it dampen the flame of our love. We embarked on a courageous journey of long-distance dating for six months. We made multiple trips to see each other, cherishing every moment spent in each other’s arms. These visits fueled our determination to make our relationship work, to bridge the physical gap that kept us apart. After six months of long distance dating, i decided to move to Virginia to be closer to the woman i love. I guess Virginia really is for lovers.

Why did you decide to get married?

The strength of our love acted as a magnetic force, drawing us closer together. It was a love built on trust, support, and unwavering commitment. And so, 10 months after my move to Alexandria, Virginia, I decided to take the next step and proposed to Hanny at the Museum of the Bible in DC. This symbolic location perfectly represented the kind of relationship we aspired to build—a love rooted in faith, knowledge, and shared values.
Our journey from that magical meeting in Dallas to standing hand in hand at the Museum of the Bible was a testament to the power of love. It proved that when two souls are destined to be together, no distance or obstacle can keep them apart. Our story is a testament to the remarkable connection we forged, one that transcended time, place, and any challenges we encountered.

Together, Hanny and I have built a love that knows no bounds—a love that began with a single glance in Dallas and blossomed into a lifelong partnership filled with shared dreams, unbreakable bonds, and a love that will forever define our lives.

What are your top 5 things to do together:

1. Cook and try new foods
2. Go hiking and enjoy the outdoors
3. Read books and engage in deep conversation
4. Worship, listen to gospel music and read the bible
5. Coach our non-profit Ethio Makarios and give back

What are 3 values that you two share? 

1. Religion
2. Family
3. Finance

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The WEdding Venue

The Wedding Venue

Ceresville Mansion located in Frederick, Maryland. This vintage 1888 mansion opened its doors to weddings, business events, private parties and other gatherings in 1989. It’s nine thousand square feet of refined architectural splendor.
Located on twenty-five riverside acres, with lovely mountain views, the Mansion offers a Grand Ballroom which seats as many as two hundred guests, or 150 guests with a dance floor, high ceilings, double parlors for smaller parties, and a garden terrace with reflecting pool and pergola for outdoor gatherings.
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