How to Capture Dreamy Valentine’s Day Engagement Photos

Can you guess how many couples get engaged on Valentine’s Day in the US? 6 million, and this number is on the rise.

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. As you pop the question with love in the air, the proposal will be even sweeter.

If you’re thinking of getting down on one knee on Valentine’s Day, make sure you check all the right boxes off the list: presents, an air of suspense, the perfect setup, good lighting, great food, and a photographer who captures the special moment.

In this blog, we’ll offer a closer look at the right way to capture dreamy Valentine’s Day engagement photos. Use this guide for inspiration, plan your big day accordingly, and get ready to prepare for the wedding!

Let’s begin.

1. Capture the Classic “I Just Got Engaged!” Moment

woman engagement ring hand couple proposal Valentines Day

What’s so special about Valentine’s Day engagement photos? The colors. If you follow the V-Day theme, you’ll wear white and red, or variations of white and red.

There’s no strict rule; you can wear any color you like. However, the red and white color combination adds a special touch to Valentine’s Day photos.

This shot is a visual treat. The photographer has masterfully captured the beautiful red and white colors in this “I just got married” style photo. From the bride-to-be’s dress to her fingernails to her bangles, the color red pops and makes this photo so much more visually appealing.

If you want to follow the classic V-Day color theme, request your partner to wear red. The final set of photos will take your breath away!

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2. Capture Your Partner’s Valentine’s Day Presents in the Backdrop

a woman showing off her engagement ring with Valentine’s Day flowers and presents in the background

You may have an activity planned for your partner on Valentine’s Day. You’ll also show up with flowers and presents. Your Valentine’s Day engagement photos should capture all this extra fun!

In this shot, the photographer keeps the focus on the fiancé’s hand. However, the backdrop isn’t that hazy; you can still see her flowers and presents. This adds another element of excitement to the photo.

When presents, chocolates, and flowers are visible in the background, it’ll become pretty evident that the proposal occurred on Valentine’s Day. Whether someone is given that information or not, they’ll become aware of it.

That’s the perfect Valentine’s Day engagement photo in our books. The proposal and Valentine’s Day magic are fused perfectly together.

3. Capture the Sweetness of Your Bond

a man kissing his fiancé’s hand after proposing to her on Valentine’s Day

Your Valentine’s Day engagement photo album should include a handful of sweet shots that capture the beauty and depth of your bond. This is the perfect example.

As her partner sweetly kisses her hand, the bride-to-be is beaming with contentment. This photo is more intimate and personal, not loud and exuberant. It’s quiet, tender, heartfelt, and emotive.

Yes, your engagement photo album should also include exciting moments. However, these subtler, softer, and deeper photos will add a much-needed layer of intimacy to the album.

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Ready to start planning your Valentine’s Day proposal? We can help! At TLIC, we capture Valentine’s Day engagement photos for clients across Maryland, DC, and Virginia.

If you have a vision, we’ll follow your lead. If you’re not sure about which aesthetic style you want to go with, we’ll guide you accordingly.

As a team of experienced, dedicated, and passionate engagement and wedding photographers, we go the extra mile to make your big day special and memorable.

Take a closer look at our portfolio and packages to get started. If you have any questions, reach out to us today. We’d be more than happy to help!

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