How to Pose for Stunning Wedding Photos: 3 Tips

A wedding photographer in Maryland captures a loving newly married couple standing in front of a car in each other's embrace as the groom wearing a white suit kisses the bride's cheek, and she smiles with her eyes closed, holding a bouquet of white flowers

When you have some pose ideas in your bag of tricks for your wedding photoshoot, it can make your wedding photography and videography relaxing. Simultaneously, doing so will provide stunning results when your wedding photographer sends you your graphics.

You should rest easy knowing that we can take thousands of pictures of you, your partner, and your loved ones in the digital age and expertly search for those images that inspire and spark magic.

Regardless of how awkward you may feel going into the photoshoots, some of the perfect poses and the best wedding photographer can help you seamlessly create unforgettable moments and pictures worthy of many an Instagram post.

In this blog, you’ll learn the top tips to take jaw-dropping photos for your big day.

Let’s jump into it!

1. What to do With Your Arms

One of the most critical questions a wedding photographer will receive is what someone should do with their hands when posing. Make sure your hands and arms feel natural in their placement. Avoid pushing your elbows and arms into your torso or crossing them because these poses can be unflattering and make you seem closed off in your pictures.

So open your arms up! If you’re the bride, you can hold onto items like your bouquet so your hands have something to do and the “prop” tells a story. As the groom, you can adjust your cufflinks, tie, or even throw the bouquet yourself for a funny nontraditional switch.   

2. Kiss Naturally

couple kissing

Understandably, many of the time couples feel shy kissing in front of everyone they know on their wedding day. So, they end up keeping their eyes wide open when they kiss one another.

Make sure you close your eyes when you kiss because it’s more natural and looks better visually.

3. Communicate With Your Photographer

It’s essential to communicate how you feel with your wedding photographer as they snap pictures of you. If you have a side you feel insecure about or, better yet, a good side you want to be highlighted, you should communicate that to them!

Remember: your wedding photographer is there to make you look good to you, not themselves. Working with them and keeping an open line of communication will result in breath-taking images you’ll gush at for years to come.

At TLIC Wedding Photography and Videography, we offer top-tier wedding photography and videography services in DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. With our services, you can build your own package to craft the exact wedding photography aesthetic you’re visualizing.  

Our portfolio speaks for itself and will showcase some of the beautiful wedding photography and videography pieces we’ve had the pleasure of capturing for couples just like you. To get started on your wedding photoshoot and immortalize your wedding’s best moments, call us at 301-478-8767, or you can schedule a meeting with us to discuss your unique needs.

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