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What Brought These Two Together

Megan and Walker’s love story began when they first crossed
paths in law school. While they were fortunate to have several classes together,
they never really had a chance to get to know each other. That was until they
both signed up for a flag football tournament, hosted by a student
organization. It was as if fate were coaching behind the scenes, as they were picked
to play on the same team, which meant they got to spend the whole day together.
You might say their relationship was great from the first kick-off! Walker
later added that he noticed immediately that Megan was the best player on the
team by far! 

It wasn’t long after the game that they found themselves talking
more and attending study groups together. After the last final of their first
semester, Walker finally worked up the courage to ask Megan out to coffee. This
would be one of the last opportunities for them to connect before they parted
ways for winter break. Luckily, Megan said yes to the invite. During their
first date, they spent over four hours talking, and made sure to sip their
coffee slowly so neither would have a reason to leave. After this official
first date, it was evident that they both liked each other a latte and it was
only the first of many shared coffees together! 

When we asked Megan and Walker how they knew marriage was the next step in their love story, they explained how it was an instant feeling of simply knowing they had found their person. Megan shared with a little added humor, “It could have been that Walker knew he had to lock me down before I got away! But on a more serious note, the truth is we both quickly realized what we wanted in life, and that was to spend every day together forever!”

In their free time, some favorite activities that Megan and Walker both enjoy are working out, going on sushi dates, trying out new restaurants, and fishing together at Burke Lake. They also love to have movie nights, where Megan always lets Walker pick out a movie from the action genre!

Together Megan and Walker share a love for their savior, Jesus Christ, and feel they have been very blessed in their lives. Prioritizing spending time with their families and remaining as close to them as possible, even when distance makes them far apart, is extremely important to them both. As a couple they also value working hard to ensure a stable future where they can each achieve their goals together. 

Celebrating Their Engagement

Engagement Session Location

Harper’s Ferry

This quaint 19th century town is designated a National Historic District by the National Register. The architecture of the houses and shops reflect the town’s history as a transportation hub 1800 – 1860, a strategic location during the Civil War, a thriving industrial center based on water power in the late 1800s. The Harpers Ferry National Historic Park offers museums, events, and tours. The Appalachian Trail courses through town as its halfway mark between Georgia and Maine.
Megan & Walker

The Wedding Day

Their Beautiful Wedding Photos

Megan & Walker's Wedding

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The Wedding Videos
That Say It All

The WEdding Venue

Historic Rosemont Springs

is located in Berryville, Virginia. Tucked away in the wooded area of Berryville, Virginia, Historic Rosemont is a wedding venue featuring a gorgeous Amish-built barn and the beautiful scenery of Mother Nature’s tall trees, rocks, and greenery.
Historic Rosemont Springs Barn
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