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The Barn at Willow Brook: Reviews from across the web

A Premiere Barn Wedding Venue in Leesburg, VA

Article Updated 1/25/2024

We scoured the internet to find the most relevant reviews for this venue. Here are their top positive and negative reviews.



Barn at Willowbrook Critical Review

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Table of Contents

About The Barn at Willowbrook

Not your stereotypical barn, the Barn at Willow Brook is chic and sophisticated – modern white and black on the exterior with warm woods, polished concrete, and lots of airy windows on the inside. With beautiful grounds and the breathtaking landscaping of Virginia Wine Country, many brides choose to hold their ceremonies here outdoors.

In a Nutshell

The Barn at Willow Brook is a Chic Modern Farmhouse style barn; it’s an excellent choice for brides who want an elevated barn wedding with beautiful grounds and scenery. It has gorgeous bridal and groom’s suites and the potential for weekend stays.

As a wedding photographer and videographer team, we have a high value for the simple elegance that the Barn provides. There are ample portrait locations that range from lush garden scapes to the elegant barn to the rolling Virginia hills. 

The Barn at Willow Brook is one of the most convenient locations for guests and vendors. Everything is within a 30-second walk from each other. It allows us to spend all our time focusing on you instead of packing, moving, and unpacking multiple times. 



  • Beautiful natural setting, still close to civilization
  • Clean and modern aesthetic and black, white, and polished wood color scheme won’t clash with your colors or decor
  • Brides gush over owner Betsy Madden and her ability to turn your wedding dreams into reality


  • Big drinkers? This might not be the venue for you. Shots, drinking games, and heavy drinking are prohibited and bartenders can shut down the bar if things get too raucous
  • Live bands are prohibited

The Barn at Willow Brook's Style & Logisitics

How do you know if the Barn at Willow Brook is the dream wedding venue for you? Take a look at the style and location. 


The Barn at Willowbrook is nestled in Virginia Wine Country near Leesburg, VA (a 10-15 min drive). Comfort Suites offers a shuttle service, and there is ample parking onsite. 

Nearby, Leesburg has many restaurants and bars to hold your perfect afterparty!

Style Overview

The Barn at Willow Brook emanates rustic elegance with its exposed wooden beams, large barn doors, and soft drapery that adds a touch of romance. 

We love the seamless fusion of vintage aesthetics and natural textures that create an ambiance that feels welcoming and sophisticated. This is a perfect backdrop if you’re seeking a timeless yet enchanting venue for your wedding.

There are panoramic views through the windows that surround the barn of the picturesque Leesburg, Virginia countryside.

Decor Overview

Inside the barn, you will feel the warmth of the exposed wooden beams and aged brick walls adorned with delicate fairy lights that cast a warm and magical glow. 

Elegant chandeliers hang from the ceiling and illuminate the space with a soft radiance. The vintage-inspired furniture and décor accents add a sense of nostalgia and grace.

Overnight Accommodations

The Barn at Willow Brook accommodates overnight stays for your wedding party and some select guests. This complements their entire weekend packages, which helps cultivate a smooth and stress-free wedding experience. 

We asked The Barn at Willow Brook where they recommend guests stay, and they suggested the following resorts and hotels: Comfort Suites, Hampton Inn, Homewood Suites, Clarion, Landsdowne Resort, and Salamander Resort, each offering reliable and convenient shuttle services to excellent destinations in the vicinity. 

It’s important to note that the Comfort Suites offers a free shuttle service to the Barn at Willow Brook.

A Walkthrough of the Barn at Willow Brook

Walk with us through the Barn at Willow Brook in Leesburg, Va. Although we think this is a pretty amazing Barn wedding venue, we will leave it up to you to decide! 

Getting Ready

Brides Suite

Imagine your perfect bridal suite: a mix of modern farmhouse style and comfy vibes. Sunlight streams in through big windows and gives the whole place a nice, warm glow.

It comes with three hair and makeup stations, so you and your crew have plenty of room to get ready. Plus, full-length mirrors are all around, so you can check your look from top to toe.

The balcony is a wonderful backdrop and has breathtaking views of the sunset. When it’s time to rest, there are three bedrooms to relax in. Oh, and no waiting around for the bathroom – there are two.

Your day, your space – this bridal suite is all about making you feel amazing.

Grooms Suite

Not every venue has a groom suite, and if they do, it’s often an afterthought. The Barn at Willow Brook’s Groom Suite is huge! It boasts a modern farmhouse style with a laid-back twist. Sunlight fills the room through big windows, making it super cozy.

You can check yourself out with multiple full-length mirrors so you see every angle before you say, “I do.” When you’re ready to relax, kick back in front of a big TV.

Step outside to a chill patio with a fire pit and shaded tables. This outdoor lounge area is perfect for hanging out with your buddies. Inside, enjoy a king-size master bedroom with bathrooms.

If you’re feeling competitive, challenge your friends to shuffleboard – the ultimate showdown before your wedding. And for grub, there’s a full kitchen with an island.

Ceremony Sites

The Barn at Willow Brook in Leesburg, VA, offers three beautiful ceremony site options. They have options for you, no matter if you’re dreaming of an outdoor ceremony or prefer an indoor setting. 

First, Willow Brook has a stunning view overlooking the field under the Pergola. This is a great spot if you want an outdoor structure that’s ready to decorate. They also have the fields directly off the back of the barn, looking at the rolling Virginia hills. Lastly, you can bring your ceremony inside their rustic barn. 

All three options are picture-perfect backdrops for your barn wedding if you ask us.

The Pergola

The Pergola has ample space for your guests to gather. It offers a serene setting for your wedding ceremony, and with the permanent structure in place, it’s ready to decorate however you desire. 

The Pergola is a wonderful spot if you want to capture the beauty of the sunset or simply want a heartfelt ceremony surrounded by the beauty of nature. 

Kim & Alex's Wedding

The Fields

The Fields is another great location for your outdoorsy wedding. If you want your wedding among the green grass, wooden fence, and the various trees in the background, the Fields is for you. 

Some of the best photos we’ve shot here have some architecture or frame that focuses the attention on you. Since there isn’t a permanent structure like the Pergola, you’ll have to get creative if you want one. 

Check out the photo below for an example. Another nice aspect of the Fields is that there’s plenty of seating. 

Field Overlook Ceremony Site at Barn Wedding Venue

Plan B

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a backup plan in the event of rain. Willow Brook has you covered, literally! As you walk down the aisle inside the barn, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the rustic charm of the venue’s interior. 

The combination of natural wood, soft lighting, and thoughtful decor sets a rustic yet charming stage for your ceremony, like you’re getting married in a log cabin-style mansion. 

This indoor space provides a wonderful alternative if you prefer the comfort of an indoor setting or want to ensure that weather won’t be a factor on your special day. 

Creator: Micah Cook | Credit: Micah Cook Copyright: Micah Cook

Cocktail Hour

The cocktail patio at The Barn at Willow Brook is a lively space where your guests can enjoy drinks, mingle, and have a blast with lawn games. There is comfortable seating throughout the outside area and plenty of space to spread out and take in the view.  

The patio also has a variety of lawn games like cornhole and giant Jenga. This adds a little playful touch to your celebration. As your guests enjoy their cocktails and engage in friendly competition, the cocktail patio becomes a vibrant hub of entertainment and joy. 

Reception Area

The reception space at The Barn at Willow Brook is enchanting and the same area where you can get married indoors. It’s rustic yet elegant, warm, and inviting. The barn’s interior is open and completely made of natural wood. 

The beams, walls, doors, and ceiling are lacquered natural wood, giving the space its iconic and unique character. This is like no barn you’ve seen before; it’s a barn with a massive makeover. 

The space is versatile, and you can tailor it to your vision. There’s plenty of space and spots to decorate it just the way you want. The main reception space will be the center of your party. It has plenty of room for dining and dancing and offers an ideal festive layout. 

The barn also has an upstairs lounge area where another 30 guests can mingle, and there are several chairs to sit and relax. The soft glow of twinkling lights along the columns and overhead adds romance. And it promises an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Send Off

Due to the surrounding nature and fire risk, fireworks and candles are prohibited for your sendoff (or during the celebration). A sparkler sendoff outside the barn is permitted. The sendoff must begin when the music ends at 10 p.m. The sendoff must end by 10:15, with guests leaving by 10:30 p.m. 

Once again, nearby hotels include Comfort Suites (offers shuttle), Hampton Inn, Homewood Suites, Clarion, Landsdowne Resort, and Salamander Resort.

Best Portrait Locations at The Barn At Willow Brook

Your special day would not be complete without photos and videos to cherish for years. Getting the right shots at the right time can differentiate between a normal party and a memorable celebration. Here are our thoughts on the best locations and times to take your wedding photos.

Portrait Locations

The Barn at Willow Brook offers a variety of stunning portrait locations. From the natural beauty of the outdoors to the rustic charm of the barn itself, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from for your memorable wedding photos and videos. 

  • Scenic Grounds: The venue’s picturesque grounds provide a backdrop of rolling hills, lush gardens, and serene landscapes. Whether you’re strolling through the gardens or capturing candid moments against the backdrop of the countryside, these outdoor areas offer endless possibilities.

  • Barn Exterior: The exterior of the barn boasts a rustic charm that’s perfect for capturing the essence of your wedding day. The weathered wood, classic architecture, and charming details make for a quintessential country-inspired portrait location.

  • Pergola Overlook: If you’re looking for a touch of elegance, the Pergola Overlook is a romantic spot for portraits. The pergola, adorned with drapery and greenery, creates a lovely frame for your pictures while showcasing the natural beauty of the surroundings.

  • Open Fields: Embrace the beauty of wide-open spaces with portraits taken in the open fields around the barn. These locations offer a sense of freedom and a natural, uncluttered backdrop that allows your love to shine.

  • Sunset Balcony: Capture the enchanting moments of dusk on the venue’s sunset balcony. The soft, warm lighting and scenic views provide a perfect setting for capturing the magic of the golden hour.

  • Barn Interior: Inside the barn, you’ll find a wealth of charming details that make for captivating portraits. The combination of wooden beams, vintage decor, and unique textures adds a touch of rustic elegance to your photos.

  • Doorways and Entrances: The barn’s doorways and entrances offer intimate and artistic locations for portraits. The juxtaposition of light and shadow, along with the architectural elements, creates visually compelling shots.
Kim & Alex's Wedding

The Barn at Willow Brook's Rules and Vendor Information

Every venue we go to has a slightly different take on handling vendors. The Barn at Willow Brook is committed to its couples having the best wedding day possible. Even though they limit your freedom to choose all your vendors, it’s for the greater good of creating a smooth and stress-free wedding day experience.

Staff, Mission, & Venue Vision

The Barn At Willow Brook came about after disappointment and frustration. The Madden family bought the piece of land and created the dream wedding venue we see today after facing obstacles at other wedding venues while planning for their daughter’s wedding. 

Their mission is to come alongside couples on their wedding day and help you choose the details to create the perfect day that will mark the beginning of your legacy. 

Venue Capacity

The venue has a limit of 125 guests. In an ideal world, we recommend having 110 guests at The Barn at Willow Brook. It’s more than capable of holding more than 125, but it can get crowded. In our experience, the ultimate sweet spot for table spacing is around 110 guests. 

If you need a bigger venue but still like the aesthetics of The Barn at Willow Brook, you can check out Shadow Creek, Sweeney Barn, or The Middleburg Barn at Fox Chase Farm. 

Vendor Requirements

For all you lovely brides-to-be considering The Barn at Willow Brook as your wedding venue, let’s dive into the important details about vendor requirements that will help shape your big day into something truly magical. 

At The Barn, they’ve got your back in connecting you with some of the best in the industry. We’re talking about the essentials: caterers, planners, and DJs. They’ve handpicked these pros because they’re not just good – they’re phenomenal, and they are familiar with the venue.

Picture this: a culinary experience that leaves your guests raving, a planner who turns your vision into reality flawlessly, and a DJ who sets the perfect mood for dancing the night away. Their preferred vendor list is a goldmine of talent, and they’re excited for you to tap into it.

Now, we totally get that every bride has her unique style and vibe. 

That’s why they’ve also made room for your personal touch. Beyond the essentials, you can choose your dream team of photographers, florists, and any other creatives who speak to your heart.

So, to sum it up – at The Barn, they’re all about giving you the best of both worlds: curated excellence where it counts and creative freedom where it matters most. Your wedding day should reflect your love story in every detail, and they’re here to ensure it does. Let’s create memories that’ll last a lifetime together!


Rules You Should Be Aware of

As you plan your enchanting celebration at The Barn at Willow Brook, here are some important guidelines to ensure a seamless and memorable experience:

1. **Music Volume:** To maintain a harmonious atmosphere, please be mindful that music should not exceed 100 decibels (dB). This ensures that everyone can enjoy the festivities without disrupting the serene surroundings.

2. **Belongings Removal:** As the festivities come to a close, kindly remember to gather and clear your belongings from the premises. This helps them prepare the venue for the next event and ensures a smooth transition for all.

3. **Fireworks:** Everyone loves a good celebration, but please refrain from using fireworks on the premises. They prioritize safety and the tranquility of the surroundings for all guests and neighbors.

4. **Vendor Exclusivity:** To maintain their high standards of service, they kindly request that you utilize the talented caterers, DJs, and planners from their preferred vendors list. This ensures a seamless and exceptional experience for you and your guests.

What to Do Near The Barn At Willow Brook

Nearby Attractions & Activities

Leesburg, Virginia, offers a variety of activities and attractions for out-of-town wedding guests to visit. Here are some of the best activities you can consider when visiting Leesburg:

  1. Historic Downtown Leesburg: Explore the charming and historic downtown area with its picturesque streets, boutiques, galleries, and restaurants. You can take a leisurely stroll, shop for unique items, and enjoy the town’s colonial architecture.

  2. Morven Park:  This historic estate features a mansion, gardens, and equestrian center. You can take guided tours of the mansion, walk through beautifully landscaped gardens, and learn about the history of the property.

  3. Oatlands Historic House & Gardens: Visit this stately mansion and its expansive gardens. Guided tours offer insights into the history of the property, architecture, and the lives of those who lived there.

  4. Leesburg Premium Outlets: If you’re a fan of shopping, the Leesburg Premium Outlets offer a wide range of brand-name stores and discounts.

  5. Wineries and Breweries: Leesburg is part of Loudoun County, which is known for its wineries and craft breweries. Consider going on a wine or beer tasting tour to experience the local flavors. Discover Loudoun’s Wineries and Breweries | Breweries in Loudoun

  6. W&OD Trail: The Washington & Old Dominion Trail is a paved trail that’s popular for walking, running, and biking. It passes through Leesburg and offers a scenic route through the area.

  7. Ball’s Bluff Battlefield Regional Park: This historic site commemorates the Battle of Ball’s Bluff from the Civil War. You can explore the trails, visit the cemetery, and learn about the history of the battle.

  8. Loudoun Museum: Learn about the history and heritage of Loudoun County through exhibits and artifacts at the Loudoun Museum in Leesburg.

  9. Outdoor Activities: Enjoy outdoor activities at parks like Ida Lee Park, where you can find sports fields, a recreation center, and a pool. Ida Lee Park

  10. Restaurants and Cafés: Leesburg offers a diverse range of dining options, from local eateries to upscale restaurants. You can enjoy a variety of cuisines and culinary experiences.

  11. Farmers’ Markets: If you’re visiting during the right season, check out the local farmers’ markets for fresh produce, artisanal goods, and a taste of the local community. Loudoun County Farmers’ Markets

  12. Tally Ho Theatre: Catch a live performance or movie screening at this historic theater that offers a unique entertainment experience.

Keep in mind that the availability of activities can vary depending on the time of year and any special events that may be taking place. It’s always a good idea to check ahead of time for the most current information and to plan your visit accordingly.

Nightlife & After Party Spots

Leesburg, Virginia, is known for its charming and historic atmosphere, but its nightlife might be more subdued compared to larger cities. However, there are still a few options for your wedding afterparty in the area. 

Keep in mind that offerings can change, so it’s a good idea to check for the most up-to-date information closer to your wedding date. 

Here are a couple of options for you to consider from our own experience and from researching the area:

  1. MacDowell Brew Kitchen: This brewery and restaurant often has a lively atmosphere in the evenings. They offer a selection of craft beers and a menu with pub-style fare. It could be a great spot for a casual after-party.

  2. SideBar: SideBar is a small bar located in historic downtown Leesburg. It offers a relaxed setting and a selection of drinks. It might be suitable for a more intimate afterparty.

  3. Loudoun Kitchen & Bar: This restaurant and bar offers a blend of Southern cuisine and craft cocktails. It could provide a comfortable and stylish setting for a post-wedding gathering.

  4. Wineries and Breweries: Consider contacting local wineries or breweries in the Loudoun County area. Some might offer private event spaces or extended hours for special occasions.

  5. Hotel Lounges: If you’re staying at a hotel in the area, check if they have a lounge or bar that could accommodate your after-party. Many hotels offer spaces for private events.

  6. Private Rentals: Depending on the size of your afterparty, you could consider renting a private space, such as an Airbnb. This would allow you to create a personalized atmosphere.

Remember to inquire about any reservations, minimums, or special arrangements needed for your afterparty. It’s also a good idea to visit the venues in person if possible to get a sense of the ambiance and whether it matches your vision for the afterparty.

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