TLIC’s Guest List 101

TLIC’s Guest List 101

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Who will be celebrating your love?

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What’s more magical then sharing your first kiss at the altar? Hearing the eruption of cheers and applause from all of your loved ones in the audience, and turning to look out at all of the smiling faces of the ones most important to you. Weddings are not only about two individuals becoming one, but two families blending together and friends becoming friends, all bonding in love and support of your union. 

There are very few times in our lives that everyone or almost everyone you love and value is in one room. Your guest list is what makes your wedding day become even more magical knowing you will have everyone special to you both present to watch you exchange your vows and celebrate the next chapter of your love story. 

However, creating your guest list can be challenging and cause stress, especially when trying to limit your final count due to venue limitations, budgetary reasons, or envisioning a more intimate celebration. 

Below, we have compiled some tips to help you and your spouse to be navigate your guest list and ease the stress that comes with getting your save-the-dates and invites into the mail. 

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Making Your List & Checking It Twice

Let’s Begin! It can feel intimidating to sit down and create a guest list for your wedding. In addition to keeping your list at your goal number, it is important not to forget anyone. And just when you think things are rolling, next comes crafting the perfect seating chart for your reception to ensure everyone feels comfortable. However, following this first tip will help you and your fiance compile your master list in an organized way – Remember your ABCDs! 

Using the first four letters of the alphabet is a strategic way to divide your guest list by categories and help you sort all the guests you are dreaming of inviting by priority. 

  • – This list includes everyone important to you  and your fiancé that you can not say “I Do” without. 
  • B – Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, and Friends (either current besties or friends from school you have kept in close contact with).
  • C – Friends of your parents, neighbors, and co-workers make up this category
  • D – Distant (2nd or 3rd) cousins, friends you have lost touch with, and acquaintances  (boss, daily life, etc.)

Deciding Who to Invite

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Your parents may have a dream list of guests to invite. It’s best to get both sides of your family on the same page with the approach you are taking with your list. One tradition is that each family is allowed to invite half of the guest list. However, a new approach couple’s are taking is dividing the guest lists into three parts – the bride’s family, the groom’s family, and you and your fiancé’s list. While this new formula seems to simplify everything, sometimes constructing your guest list can be a bit more complicated. For example, if family members are contributing finances for the wedding, they may wish to have more input into the list.  If this is the case, you will need to communicate and work through the best solution for dividing the guest number together. 


Even though you love children and have many little ones in your life, it’s okay to be up front about whether you and your fiance would like your wedding to include kids or be child-free. If you would rather not have children attending, placing this information on the invite is very important. If children are welcomed, it can be a great idea to create a kids’ corner or perhaps even have a sitter attending to give parents a break at times but also ensure there is someone there to keep their eyes on them (and make sure they stay out of trouble). 

Note: Even if you prefer to keep your reception adults only, it’s perfectly okay to still have a flower girl and/or ring bearer a part of your ceremony. 


If your work has less than 15 employees, you undoubtedly know everyone and have discussed your wedding plans with them.  It’s appropriate to invite everyone in this situation. On the other hand, if you work for a large corporation, you may decide to invite only your closest friends or maybe not anyone from the office. Keep in mind that if your coworkers are married, you should invite them and their spouses as well.

Should your boss attend? It depends on the nature of your connection; if it is more formal, it is not necessary.

Old Friends

Do not feel obligated to invite individuals from your past to your wedding simply because they asked you to theirs, especially if you are no longer in contact with them. Additionally, it’s okay to ask your parents not to invite individuals you don’t know (even if they do). In order to ensure that you have the people you want in your marriage, trust your instincts when making decisions and consider whether the potential guest will still be a part of your life in the future. If someone still means something to you, they probably always will as well.

 Tips for Limiting Your Final Count

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 Limit Children

While some people enjoy taking their children to a party, others might prefer to go out on their own. You can easily reduce the number of guests at your wedding by setting a restriction on the number of children who attend while avoiding upsetting those who weren’t invited.

 Don’t Invite People From Work

Even though you spend numerous hours with them every day, unless you want to invite the entire office, avoid inviting any coworkers who aren’t also close friends outside of work. Even then, encourage that friend to keep their attendance at your wedding quiet so that no one else’s good time is ruined by their boasting about how much fun they had.

Don’t Offer Plus Ones

Tell your single friends that they are the only ones who are invited due to wanting to keep your celebration more intimate. If you wish to invite the significant other of your friends or family members who are dating or engaged, include their name directly on the invitation. This will clear up any confusion on plus ones. 

Get Your Organization On

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Remember — the keys to a easy and stress-free guest list is to stay organized and remember it’s you and your fiancé’s wedding day. It can be tough to limit guests especially with so many feelings involved and the heightened emotions that come with weddings.  Family, Friends, and those in your life will understand and respect your vision for your special day – whether it’s a grand celebration of 200+ or an intimate gathering of 20 guests. What matters most is that those you hold closest to your heart are present.  And the best way to do that is to sit down together and prioritize each other. Communicate who is most important to you and who has had the greatest impact in your life that you would like to share this epic moment with.  

Use this wedding guest tracker to make organizing your guest list a piece of cake!  

And if you want some more expert guidance and advice, reach out to our amazing team at TLIC Media! We have seen so many successful weddings that we are certain to have all the answers you need. 

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