The 21 Must Ask Questions For Your Wedding Videographer

The 21 Must Ask Questions For Your Wedding Videographer

These questions will change the way you find the videographer you need for your big day!
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    Searching for the right Wedding Videographer is no short task. After all, your choice affects how friends, family and future kids relive your wedding day. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you find your perfect videographer! talks about neglecting wedding videography as a bride’s biggest regret. Unfortunately, your greater regret could be hiring an unprofessional videographer. You might hire a videographer that stands in the middle of your ceremony (see gif). You can even hire the aspiring director who forces you into weird positions to “get the shot”. Yikes!


    After reading this article you will be able to find the perfect videographer. Plus, as an added bonus we made an easy, printable, questionnaire for when you make calls!

    Video: 21 Questions to Ask your Wedding Videographer

    Introductions: Getting to know your Wedding Videographer

    You will find out their character by asking the following 6 questions. You will see if they are the one before you even talk about packages and style.

    1. Are you available for our wedding?

    • First things first. Make sure they are available for your wedding.

    2. Why are you a videographer?

    • Listen close. Do they care more about you and your wedding? Or are they focused more on their career or portfolio?

    3. Why are you filming weddings?

    • This is a follow up to question two. Depending on the answer, you might not have to ask.
    • Test the level of enthusiasm. Are they washed up from doing wedding after wedding or do they look forward to every single one?

    4. Are you full time or part-time?

    • Full-time wedding videographers have fast turn around times and are more dedicated.
    • You don’t need to raise a red flag because they are part-time.

    5. When did you become a Wedding Videographer? / How many weddings have you filmed?

    • You have to find the experience sweet spot. Someone that has experience but is still relevant.
    • You should prepare for mistakes if they filmed less than 20 weddings.
    • The more weddings the better. More experience means more understanding.
    • After 20 weddings they will have a decent understanding of technique and etiquette.

    6. Is your company you or do you have others film for you?

    • Most are sole proprietors, filming and editing all themselves.
    • Others have dedicated team members for each part of the wedding.
    • There are benefits to both so it boils down to your preference.

    Services: Know exactly what your videographer is giving you.

    You will understand what your wedding videographer is offering after asking these 11 questions. Best practice would be to let them explain their services before you ask any of these!

    7. What are your packages?

    • If you ask this question it will show the level of confidence the videographer has in their services.
    • Take note. A quality videographer will want to get to know you before talking about their services.

    8. How do you make your Highlight films?

    • Asking this general question will show you how important it is to them to have your input in the final film.
    • Some companies prefer cookie-cutter, “if you come to us this is what you get”.
    • Others like to make their films by getting to know you.

    9. How long will you be there on the wedding day?

    • Imagine your wedding day. It’s going well but behind schedule because of a catering snafu. You got fed so you are happy but now you see your videographers looking at their watch. You weren’t at fault but now you either pay for more hours or miss your sendoff footage. Ouch.
    • I paint this picture because it happens at most weddings with photographers I work with. The couple chooses a set time, the wedding runs late, the drama ensues.
    • You need to find a videographer that won’t nitpick time.

    10. How do you use your Drone?

    • You need to look out for the big drone no-no. Videographers who pilot the drone during your ceremony
      Not only is it illegal, but it will also sound like a bee army swarming in the background of your vows.
    • The best time for a videographer to pilot a drone is during getting ready or cocktail hour.
    • Bonus Question: Ask if they have a drone pilot license. If they do, you know that they took all the necessary safety precautions laid out by the FAA.

    11. How do you use vows and speeches? / How do you get the audio?

    • Your spouses’ vows or maid of honors speech are important. You need to find a videographer who cares about audio
    • Find out what microphones your videographer uses and how they will use them in your video(s).
    • Bad audio can turn a beautiful wedding into a hard to watch video.

    12. What is the role of your video assistant / 2nd shooter?

    • If you know how the videographer will use their assistant, you will have a good idea of how they work together.
    • You will also know which videographer you will be with more during your wedding.

    13. How do you handle making corrections to the final product?

    • Do you want to have to pay extra money to get a two-second clip of Grandma in your video? Probably not.
    • You should find a videographer who offers free corrections.
    • Many companies do charge a fee if you want something adjusted.

    14. How will we receive our videos?

    • If you like having a physical copy you can request this from most videographers for free or a small charge.
    • Most videographers will give you the right to share your video but will ask for a shout out.

    15. What is your turn-around time?

    • Would you want to wait 5 or 6 months after your wedding to get your wedding film?
    • Make sure your videographer gives you a clear expectation on delivery time.
    • What is your turn-around timeRequest some sort of compensatio
    • n (or motivation) for them to get it to you on time.
    • (Say in the video but not in blog One thing that I love about having a dedicated editing tea
      m. Is the ability for us to deliver the final product in under a month.)

    16. How do you handle payment?

    • Wedding Videographers will have a retainer fee at booking. Usually between 30%-50%.
    • Agree with the terms and mark your calendar when the final payment is due.

    17. What happens to my footage after the wedding?

    • Does your videographer back the footage up in case of a disaster?
    • Do they send you the hard drive and hope it gets to you without getting lost, stolen, or damaged?
    • If you are not the type to back up your files, hire a videographer who does.

    Style: How to know exactly what your videos will look like.

    You will get a glimpse into your videographers’ style by asking the following four questions.

    18. If you were to film your own wedding, what would the highlight film look like?

    • This will show you what they value and the style that they are most comfortable with.
    • If what they explain to you is close to what you want, they might be the right fit!

    19. What type of music do you like to use?

    • Find out if you trust the music selection of the videographer.
    • Are you imagining today’s top songs in your wedding film? You will need to find a videographer who is okay with breaking licensing laws.

    20. Do you stage shots?

    • If you want to be a supermodel on your wedding day, staging shots will be fun.
    • You won’t want to stage shots if you are camera shy or have a personal bubble.

    21. How do you Color Grade?

    • Color How color grading can have an effect on footage - Video Credit Alexharris52 - TLIC Media grading is the process of adding, removing and altering the colors in the video.
    • You will know from watching any of their videos if you like their color grade.


    We hope that this guide will help you in finding the perfect wedding videographer. To learn more about the importance of these questions you can check out our other articles or give us a phone call! We would be happy to help!

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