3 Couple’s Poses That Result in Magical Wedding Photos

While weddings are magical in their entirety, there are some moments that are sweeter than others. Couples’ photoshoots are a great way to preserve some of the authentic and heartfelt points! Couples eagerly wait to embrace each other, pose in some of the most beautiful locations, and preserve their bond for eternity.

As your wedding day gets closer and closer, make sure you start thinking of the poses right for you and yours. Take inspiration from blogs, invent your own unique poses, and gradually finalize your favorites! In this blog, we’ll offer some much-needed inspiration to help you add a touch of pizzazz to your wedding. Take notes and keep reading!

1. The Classic Staircase Pose with a Twist

a couple posing on their wedding day
couple stairs flowers photo shoot

We all know about the regular staircase pose: you and your partner positioned on a staircase, embracing or looking lovingly into each other’s eyes. This has been done a lot in the past because of the way that the surroundings complement the elongated lines of the dress, adding an airy quality to the image. While the photos turn out beautiful, they might lack that extra oomph.

Add a twist to the classic staircase pose by sitting along the steps and having one partner embrace the other from behind. This is a power shot, to say the least. It’s bold, beautiful, and vulnerable at the same time.

You’re showcasing your unity and trust in each other. Look straight in the camera lens, as shown in this gorgeous picture. You’ll fall in love with the final photo.

2. The Perfect Dip

a couple posing with smoke surrounding them
couple wedding shoot smoke nature

Sensual and spectacular, this pose is one for the books. Have your partner hold your waist and gently dip you as the smoke sets in. If the background features a natural element (lake, valley, forest, etc.), the photos will turn out even more beautiful.

The dip will showcase your partner’s ability to be there for you through thick and thin, and your ability to trust them. It’s a beautiful manifestation of love and support.

Smoke is a great element for wedding photography. As it envelops the couple, the photos look sultry and stunning. Incorporate smoke into your shoot to make your wedding photos look unique, memorable, and exciting.

3. Say Hello to the City

a couple posing against the cityscape on their wedding day
couple cityscape photo shoot wedding

If you’re having a modern wedding, you have to try this pose. We like to call it the “modern city fairytale” pose! Hold your partner, look into each other’s eyes, and pretend you’re in a fairytale.

As the backdrop of the cityscape breaks the enchantment and serenity with its bustling energy, flashy cars, and blinding lights, the juxtaposition of enchantment and urbanity will result in pure magic. This is a picture you’ll want to frame in your living room for everyone to see!

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