Magical, romantic, and timeless. These are the three descriptors that come to mind when we think of our favorite celebrity wedding photos.

Over the years, A-listers have given us a lot to work with. While narrowing down three of the most aesthetically pleasing wedding photos hasn’t been an easy task, our team has managed to reach a decision after a lot (and we mean a lot) of back and forth.

If you’re short on inspiration, let these beautiful moments give you an idea of the direction you’d like to head in. Take note of the poses, backdrops, camera angles, structuring, and overall fine-tuning. Let’s dive into it!

1. Justin & Hailey Bieber’s Magical Moment

My oh my. This moment has been etched in our memories since we first witnessed it on Instagram in September 2019. Years later, we’re still just as obsessed. If you want your wedding photos to stand out, incorporate some of these elements into your photo shoot.

Notice how Hailey’s beautiful, ultra-long, and ultra-wide train instantly captures our attention. As we fixate on the train, we’re quickly led to the treat of the photo: the beautiful couple lovingly and adoringly embracing.

The text (“till death do us part”) makes the photo that much more unique and memorable. Set against the beautiful backdrop of their wedding venue, this picture checks off all the boxes.

The best part? It’s a frame-worthy B&W portrait that the Biebers have most likely hung in their home. Take notes, recreate the photo with some adjustments, and you’ll have your own frame-worthy B&W masterpiece ready to be showcased.

2. Nikki Reed & Ian Somerhalder’s Marital Jest

Wedding photos shouldn’t always be serious. A funny moment between you and your partner will add much-needed ebullience, vivacity, and zest to your wedding album.

We love this playful moment between the Somerhalders! It’s fun, amusing, light-hearted, and merrier than merry. You can instantly tell that this couple knows how to have a good time!

Incorporate similar elements of humor into your wedding photo shoot. Your wedding album will turn out more diverse and exciting!

3. Miranda Kerr & Evan Spiegel’s Blooming Wedding

Leave it to the Spiegels to create the most divine wedding fantasyland we’ve ever seen. This is straight out of a fairytale! Notice how the flowers serve as the perfect backdrop to this shot. While they’re occupying most of the background space, they’re not overwhelming the couple. Instead, they’re beautifully complementing them.

This is exactly what you want: a backdrop that stands out without taking the focus away from you and your partner. Staring deeply into each other’s eyes before a sweet kiss, Evan and Miranda are the epitome of marital bliss. Follow the rule of thirds here; the outcome will be worth all the strategizing!

Are you dreaming of a wedding album that includes similar shots? At TLIC, we’re committed to transforming your vision into reality. Our wedding photographers and videographers capture weddings across Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Start your TLIC journey today!

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