5 Things You Need to Know About A Pre-Wedding (AKA Engagement!) Photoshoot

A shot from Hope and Tyler's wedding and engagement photos of them looking at one another in front of the sunset by one of the best wedding photographers in Maryland

Engagement photos can be an entertaining way to celebrate your big day beforehand as part of your overall wedding photography. This photoshoot is often called the pre-wedding photoshoot.

In this blog, you’ll learn all the essentials you need to know about this beautiful occasion on your journey leading up to your wedding day!

Stay tuned for the perfect engagement photoshoot poses.

1. Face One Another For Greater Intimacy

As a couple, this will most likely be the most comfortable pose for you because you get to face your gorgeous partner, who you’ll marry! You can hold hands and lock eyes with each other, reminiscent of how you might look at one another at the altar on your big day.

You can be creative here by playing with each other’s hands, interlocking your fingers, or even playfully mess with your partner’s hair while your photographer captures you having fun together.

2. You Must Take The “Classic” Engagement Photo

A wedding photographer in DC expertly captures the moment a man proposes to his girlfriend in front of a waterfall on a green hiking trail by the mountains and rocks

The classic engagement photo can either be a recreation of the day of your proposal or have the exact moment captured. Hence, both your reactions are completely organic if you plan and coordinate ahead with a wedding photographer (ahem!).

3. It’s The Time to Embrace One Another

A little PDA is always encouraged at your pre-wedding photoshoot!

Feel free to kiss, hug, wrap your arms around one another, and get creative. Big smiles will always make beautiful photographs you can look back on and enjoy for years to come.

4. Action Poses Work!

You can “run” together holding hands as if you’re symbolically “leaping” into your future together. If you’re the bride, you can have a shot that shows you jumping into your soon-to-be groom’s arms. These poses work effectively both touchy-feely couples as well as those who aren’t big on PDA.

5. You Don’t Always Have To Look at the Camera

Lastly, don’t feel pressure to always look at the camera. Be in the moment!

This is your pre-wedding engagement shoot, after all. The best part about being in the moment with your partner here is that those natural moments you have with one another will make for stunning photos that you’ll adore, immortalizing those little moments that made your eyes twinkle.

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