5 Tips for Making a Fantastic Wedding Video

There’s a difference between a good wedding videographer and an excellent one. And no, this difference is not determined by the fancy shooting gear they carry. Instead, it’s about how well they manage the wedding day to get the perfect shots for a fantastic video. Here are some tips that can help you make a stunning wedding video.

Talk to the Couple and Venue Managers

A week or two before the wedding, you should meet with the couple and ask about their expectations from the video. It’s the time to ask all the important questions. Will there be choreographed dances or surprises that you should know about? Will the bride be wearing heirloom jewelry or a dress? You must know all the details as a videographer to focus on these details and the major events.

You must also contact the reception venue and see if there are any specific regulations regarding video shoots. For instance, most churches don’t allow videographers to shoot in certain areas. Therefore, it’s best to know the dos and don’ts and carry a zoom lens on the big day to avoid surprises.

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Carry Light Gear So That You Can Move Around Quickly

The mornings on the wedding day are typical. The bridesmaids and the bride get their makeup and hair done while groomsmen and the groom hang out in their pad. It’s the evening when all the running around starts. You must keep your heavy equipment bag on the side and carry as little weight on your shoulders as possible so that you can move around quickly.

Don’t carry ten lenses when two are adequate. Ensure you’re carrying formatted memory cards and extra batteries. It’s best to find a charging station for the batteries on-site so that there’s no lag.

Have Audio Backups Ready

Remember, there are no re-takes on the wedding day. If you cannot capture the important moments on the big day due to technological glitches, you didn’t do your job. Audio is the most important thing in the wedding video. Therefore, you must ensure that you have a backup ready if your camera doesn’t capture quality sound. You can use a lavalier mic and attach it to the groom’s or the officiates’ clothes.

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Don’t Miss Out on Traditional Shots

Sure, you want to experiment with shots, but don’t miss out on shooting typical poses and ceremonies. Experimenting can help you polish your style, but keep in mind that your clients want you to capture their vows, cake cutting, and the first dance.

Keep A Stable Camera

Stabilization is key in wedding videography. Using handheld cameras won’t produce the results you’re looking for. That’s why you should carry a monopod, tripod, slider, or a glidecam. You can attach a release plate to the camera so that you can quickly change the gear.

While tripods are perfect during the wedding ceremony, you would have to use a glidecam or a monopod during the dance or dinner.

Looking For a Wedding Videographer?

Are you ready to make your wedding day extra special? Get in touch with the team at TLIC to schedule a virtual meeting. We come with a decade-long experience of capturing precious wedding moments, and we’ve received five-star reviews through the years. Our wedding videography and photography services extend across Virginia, Maryland, and DC.

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