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Meet Chris

I’m Chris, the Oz behind the curtain at TLIC Media. 

In the least boastful way possible, my life is amazing. I have an fantastic wife (Lexy), two beautiful and healthy children (Hudson & Rylan), a talented/passionate/fun to be around team, and the most amazing clients I could ever work with. 

Without a doubt, being in charge of the team that will make your wedding memorable forever is my biggest joy. Every day I think about you, and how I can lead the team in a way that makes you have the best experience possible. 

My life experience as a missionary,  D1 athlete, and avid gamer have comingled to form a joyful, driven, and logical approach to leading my team and serving my couples. 

Through our relationship, you will always know what’s going on and will feel taken care of. 

My team and I have a decade of experience, serving hundreds of couples, with all 5-star reviews. I know we have what it takes to make your wedding the best day ever! 

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Our #1 Goal

Make Your wedding Absolutely unforgettable

No matter who you are, you deserve to have a joy-filled, fun, and stress-free wedding day.
It’s going to be amazing.

Meet our team leaders Below

Olivia Moxley

Photo Director

Jaime Barreto

Video Director

Drew Stansberry

Post Production Manager

Mike Morris

Lead Editor

Kelly Montenero

Social Media Manager

Kellie Nelson

Couples Sucess Lead

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