Addie & Ben

Addie & Ben

When college romance turns into a life long partnership.

A Frederick Wedding Videographers Look Into Their Love Story

About their Wedding

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What Brought These Two Together

Addie and Ben met when they were at college at the University of Central Florida. He was studying nursing and she was studying health management. Ben’s friend Greg and Addie’s sorority sister were dating at the time. Greg brought Ben to one of Addie’s sorority events. Recounting the day Ben said when he first saw Addie, “I picked you out. I pointed to Greg and said set me up with her.” 

A week later they saw each other at a mutual friends bonfire. Addie remembers thinking how cool it was that he was drinking a gallon of water instead of a bunch of beer and how good Ben looked in his jeans, t-shirt, and cowboy boots. At the end of this “blind date” Ben walked Addie to the car. He never got her number so she didn’t expect to hear anything back but within a few days, she got a text! 

And with that first message, a life long partnership was kindled. 

They decided to take their relationship to the next level after college. I can tell from what Addie said to me that they are ready for marriage. “We know each other better than we know ourselves. He takes care of me better than I can take care of myself.  We truly make each other better in every way and we couldn’t wait to take the next step together. Here’s to spending forever with our best friend!”

They are two peas in a pod. You will often find Addie and Ben outside somewhere, hiking, boating, camping and of course all the while eating their delicious concoctions or playing with their favorite animals.  

Addie and Ben, above anything else, value family, faith, and loyalty. 

The team at TLIC Media is proud to present to you the wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Schricker

A Look Behind The Scenes

The Wedding Venue

Dulaney’s Overlook is a historical Manor and Barn in Frederick Maryland. What I love about it is the photogenic bridal suite, two ceremony location sites, and the perfect balance between elegance and rusticness. I put Dulaney’s high on my list of reccomended wedding venues. 

The Wedding Videography Team

At TLIC it is our absolute motivation to make each moment of the wedding day memorable. Our team is committed to making the highest quality cinematic wedding films as well as crystal clear wedding photos.

Chris HiltzTLIC Owner

The Wedding Video That Say It All

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