Amali & Tushara

They were always one away from each other until social media brought them face to face with their forever person.

A Frederick Wedding Videographer's Look Into Their Love Story

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What Brought These Two Together

You are always one person away from knowing someone that can change your life. This couldn’t have been more true for Amali and Tushara. They were two kids that were part of the same Sri Lankan community, and it seemed as though all Sri Lankans in the DMV area knew one another. Throughout their childhoods growing up, they found themselves attending the same Sri Lankan parties and temple gatherings. When Amali was younger, she was good friends with Tushara’s two cousins, Achala and Sarangi, so she would see him most at their parties. Although it seemed the spark could ignite at any moment, they never pursued a relationship past a friendship. 

Fast forward 15 years and they both found themselves single and living in DC. It was thanks to the popular dating app, Bumble, that they were reconnected and immediately recognized each other’s familiar face from the past. With the way Bumble works, women are supposed begin the conversation. However, Amali was too scared to send the first message, so Tushara “slid into her Instagram DMs” and the rest was history! Following his message, they met for happy hour (with all of his friends) and she knew right away the he (and his friends) were amazing. Since 2017, they moved in together in downtown DC, recused a puppy (named Nugget) that they love dearly, bought a house, fought the good fight side by side, and traveled to many countries. They already created a pretty beautiful life together and the best part is, it’s only the beginning! 

When we asked Amali and Tushara when they knew marriage was the next chapter in their love story, Amali shared “It just made sense for us. We knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.”

In their free time, Amali and Tushara love handing out with their friends and family (especially their niece, Blake), playing with their dog (Nugget), and eating bomb food. They also share a passion for adventure and pursue this by spending time in their city, and also by traveling to new places and seeing the world together. 

Above everything else, Amali and Tushara value love, respect, and friendship – they are best friends! 

The Wedding Venue

Ceresville Mansion located in Frederick, Maryland.

The Wedding Videography Team

At TLIC it is our absolute motivation to make each moment of the wedding day memorable. Our team is committed to making the highest quality cinematic wedding films as well as crystal clear wedding photos.

Chris Hiltz – TLIC Owner

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