Amanda & Joel

Amanda & Joel

A Whole Latte Love.

A DC Wedding Videographers Look Into Their Love Story

About their Wedding

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What Brought These Two Together

It all started with a startled scream at a unsuspecting Starbucks.
Joel observed the woman, staring at her phone, walking towards his car through the parking lot.
Obvious that she had made a line for a car that wasn’t hers, he watched, waiting for the inevitable surprise of this person realizing the small mistake she had made.
Finally approaching the car, she looked up, and to each of their shock, she screamed, not expecting someone to be sitting in the drivers seat!
“Ma’am!” Joel reassured (of course using military pronouns) “You made a mistake, this isn’t your car!”
A sigh of relief, a quick grasp of her bearings, and everything settled down quickly.
A smile of thanks and the woman walked away.
Joel got out of the car and saw another woman who had observed the event who was also going into the Starbucks.
“Did you see that? Weird, right?” he asked her. She smiled as they both walked in.
She introduced herself as Amanda Bird.
He introduced himself as Joel Farhi.
Joel asked Amanda if he could get her a latte. The rest is history. 

When Amanda and Joel were asked why they got married they said: “Life is hard. Nothing about it is simple or on a straight path. When things don’t go as planned or maybe even a world wide pandemic strikes… you want someone to be there to embrace the challenges even with the slightest smile. We know we can be there for each other and shoulder each other’s burdens.”

If you run into Amanda and Joel you will more than likely find them walking their pup Cooper, enjoying the finest ramen in DC, staying active at the gym, cooking a new meal, or relaxing and watching the occasional TV show or Movie.

Above anything else Joel and Amanda value honesty, hard work, and selflessness. With these qualities, I know that their relationship is built to last! 

We at TLIC Media are so happy to congratulate Mr. & Mrs. Farhi  

The Wedding Venue

District Winery was the perfect setting to see Amanda and Joel get married. Right on the water in “The Yard” district of DC. For an early March wedding, the weather was perfect and the sun set just right for pictures and the ceremony. Simply Beautiful! 

The Wedding Videography Team

Lexy sat this one out since we were just a few days away from having our first born son! Our lead videographer Stephen and I were there to capture all the intimate moments from the Thompson hotel to the indoor glow wand send off. It was such a blast and I am so grateful to have been a part of Amanda and Joel’s wedding celebration! 

Wedding Videos That Says It All

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