Our #1 Goal

Make every Moment Absolutely unforgettable

Meet the Owner

Hello and Welcome!

I’m Chris, the mastermind behind TLIC Media. Filmmaker, storyteller, & lover of adventure.

If you happened to run into me I will be playing a game, hiking, or visiting a new city with my stunning wife Lexy.  I’m the type to find beauty in everything. Finding the silver lining to make the most of any situation is my superpower. I know that visual storytelling captures moments in a way nothing else can. Only a film will let you hear intimate conversations,  see the first look shock on your partner’s face, or relive your speeches. 

In 2017 I realized the need to add photography to the TLIC brand. After working with over 60 photographers I narrowed down the ones I thoroughly enjoyed working with to just three! These three carry the same vision I do to make your wedding day the best and most memorable it can possibly be. Because of our close relationship, these photographers and I give a bundle discount when you book us both! We love working together to make you feel and look good on your wedding day! 

My team and I have a decade of experience, serving hundreds of couples, with all 5-star reviews. I know we have what it takes to make your wedding the best day ever! 

Discover for yourself the Wedding Dream Team today! 

Chris Hiltz | Owner & Lead Videographer