Jonah & Rebecca Scott

Jonah & Rebecca Scott

When two people running towards Jesus look over and see each other.

A Virginia Wedding Videographers Look Into Their Love Story

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What Brought These Two Together

Becca and Jo met the first day of freshman year orientation at college and they clicked instantly. With all the changes associate with Freshman year, Becca totally missed Jonah’s advances and didn’t want to move to quickly. Jo began to patiently pursue Becca. Within a month she agreed to go out on one date which then turned into several more and the rest was history. They have been together for over six years now. Jo instantly stood out to Becca because of his selflessness and how good of a listener he was. She appreciated that they could be close but still independent of each other. Even when they spent a semester apart while Becca was living abroad, their relationship held strong and they were each other’s biggest supporters. To this day this still holds true. Jo says what stood out to him the most was her commitment to Jesus and how he watched me relentlessly pursue him through some of my toughest times.

This beautiful couple decided to get married because they couldn’t imagine their lives without each other. They make each other better and are each other’s biggest supporters. They encourage each other to chase after Jesus and they feel as though getting married was a part of His plan for their lives.

Jo and Becca love to watch movies, visit wineries and breweries, discover new music, cook together, and travel. 

Above anything, Jo and Becca value being kind, loving, and showing empathy to all. It’s their mutual faith in Jesus that is the foundation of their relationship. 

The team at TLIC Media is proud to present to you the wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Scott

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