Brittany & Paul

Brittany & Paul

Their relationship is made of all the essential ingredients including a dance partner for life and baked with love to last a lifetime!

An Frederick Wedding Videographer's Look Into Their Love Story

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What Brought These Two Together

This couple’s sweet love story began during a first date at Buzz Bakery. Brittany and Paul had found that they were each at a point in their lives where they wanted to find someone to make beautiful memories with from going on new adventures to finding someone compatible that shared their same hopes and dreams for an incredible future. Initially Paul had caught Brittany off-guard by asking about all the serious topics that most people try to avoid on the first date – family, religion, politics, and intentions for the relationship. However, Brittany reflected on how refreshing it was to be open and honest about where each other stood so that they knew whether they were on the same page. (Spoiler alert for all those reading…they were!)

For the second date, Paul decided to lead with a more fun note and invited Brittany to go West Coast Swing dancing. This was the perfect activity as Brittany had been dancing since she was 5 years old from tap, jazz, ballet, etc. However, she had never done a partner dance before. Paul was thrilled to find someone who shared his same passion for dance as he had been taking West Coast Swing lessons for a couple years prior to their meeting. These two quickly fell right into rhythm with each other and danced the night away! Brittany shared, “Afterwards, we stayed up all night talking, asking all our ‘deal breaker’ questions, and were shocked to discover that we agreed on everything. We ended that conversation with, ‘Well, I guess we just need to decide if we like each other now!” It was clear that these two had found their soulmate, and both were ready to stop dancing solo and join in the dance of life together! As the quote from Lara Harris says, “Marriage is a dance between two people to a song they hold in their hearts, whose melody may a times be a whisper, yet never fades away.”

We asked Brittany and Paul when they knew marriage was the next chapter in their love story. They shared that as they continued to date and their relationship grew stronger, it became more apparent that they shared many of the same interests and values including the same silly sense of humor, the tendency to speak their minds, and an annoying attention to certain details. Brittany and Paul also knew they were on the same page thanks to their earlier conversations about each other’s hopes and dreams for the future. They both imagined having a family (two children), pets, a home and a life filled with travel adventures, delicious food, and lots of singing and dancing. Their love and relationship were put to the test after being stuck together during the COVID lockdowns. They not only didn’t drive each other crazy, but they realized that they enjoyed each other’s company even was life was simultaneously stressful and boring. Brittany and Paul discovered they could rely on each other during the tough times, and found themselves looking forward to facing future challenges together.

Brittany and Paul share a love of many activities and spend their free time making fun-filled memories together. They love West Coast Swing dancing, watching movies in their home theater, and cooking and trying new foods from local restaurants and around the world. Before pandemic times, they loved to travel and discover new places. However, they also enjoy singing along to the radio on their drives. Brittany and Paul also love playing with their cats, Lottie and Buffy.

Brittany and Paul share the values of being authentic to who they are, committing to tackle any challenges together with trust in each other, and having open, respectful, honest, and compassionate communication.

The Wedding Venue

 Ceresville Mansion near Frederick, Maryland


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At TLIC it is our absolute motivation to make each moment of the wedding day memorable. Our team is committed to making the highest quality cinematic wedding films as well as crystal clear wedding photos.

Chris Hiltz – TLIC Owner

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