This vintage estate of Frederick, Maryland has now been providing its services to the brides and grooms of Greater Baltimore-Washington for 30 years. Designed and built in the late 1800s, the Cereseville mansion has been constructed on 26 acres of land bordering the Monocacy Canal. Many weddings have been hosted here, since; they have been committed to providing their clients with the best services.

The Layout

Ceresville Mansion is a large estate that is very much supportive of the idea of romantic flair that a destination should have for a wedding. With various sites, they can hold indoor and outdoor weddings throughout all the seasons. Located on a riverfront land of 26 acres with mountains in the background, this renovated colonial home epitomizes beauty and elegance. The venue has the potential to host around 200 guests and hence it has been one of the most favourites on the couple’s lists.


Established in 1888, Ceresville Mansion opened its doors 100 years later only for the sole aim of holding activities. This expertise, partnered with a team of competent event planners, helps the couples to be at ease and realize that even a little detail will be taken care of on their special day.  While the mansion is full of rich heritage, but still the entire structure has been updated to suit new requirements of luxury. Besides this, the walls, decoration, and decorations were all painted in a bright and simplistic palette which really softly hints at its ancient status while retaining its retro charm. This retro element gives a timeless look to the thematic décor. On the outside of the huge patio, there is a charming mirrored pool topped by a Greco-style pergola for a bit of elegance and historical whimsy.

If you want to rehearse for the parties, ceremonies, or wedding speeches, then Ceresville Mansion is so much on point for you. This venue is an ideal one for you to host your wedding ceremonies along with your guests. Up to 7 hours of free consultations are included with the booking to ensure that the couple has a seamless experience. Besides, the mansion provides the best décor, cleaning, fabric, table settings, chairs, benches, and an integrated dance floor. At this luxurious and historic resort, couples can also luckily get to find a white mansion flanked by custom gardens, a wisteria-covered pergola spanning a reflecting lake, and a large ballroom area with a solid wood dance floor. The ballroom offers you many choices for the set-up to fulfil your wedding vision.


The Positives

One cannot forget to mention this amazing wedding venue whenever it comes to planning your wedding. This one is very beautiful and will make you feel that you are in the land of heavens. The venue is so much on point and is the most beautiful location ever. This place is all decked up with an elegant setting for your elegant event. One of the best parts is their staffs are very helpful, be it for a wedding or arrangement for guests. They will be there with you at every step. The professional team here promises that everything will be taken care of properly. All the wedding packages and event preparation help will lessen the burden on you. Hence, with so much support you can get to use the best services provides by them. A few of the services at the mansion include setup, outside vendors, cleanup, bridal suite, in-house catering, etc.

Lastly, one of the most important that you will love here is that you get to choose between the open bars for your wedding reception. The tastiest cuisines can be served in various catering styles by the caterers at Ceresville Mansion. From dessert, buffet, cocktail reception, to plates cuisines, we certainly have an endless variety for you. I would sum up the beauty of Ceresville Mansion in a few words.

  • Delicious hors d’oeuvres and tasty food is served in tasteful and elegant a show that is bound to delight guests.
  • They have an array of options for couples to plan a menu that better fits their culinary view to fit a variety of tastes, and the staff will help you.
  • Amanda and other staff at Carnesville Mansion make sure to help you in the best way.
  • The scenic views of this venue will help you get the best clicks ever.

Here is a review added by a couple:

Joshua Rose and Porsha Shaw getting married on 05/02/2022

Perfect Venue!

After meeting with Michele at Ceresville there was no doubt in our mind that it was the venue for our wedding. The venue itself is beautiful and perfect for the guest count of 75 people. Working with Michele and Ali was a joy and they helped us plan a well-organized event. The fact that they provide a day of coordinator is amazing, and our wedding won’t have run smoothly without Alison’s organization. All of the staff was helpful and the food was delicious.

The Negatives

There is nothing as such negative about the Ceresville Mansion that we have on our list. You can certainly not ignore anything about this place, be it the views or food. Everything about this place is amazing.

Do we recommend it?

TLIC certainly recommends this amazing place to you for the wedding ceremonies. Seated on the riverfront land with mountains in the background, this renovated colonial mansion oozes beauty and romance. You certainly will love having a chance to commemorate the big day of your life here.

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