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It was "love at first like" for this adorable couple and they've ben inseparable ever since!

A Warrenton Wedding Photographer & Videographer's Look Into Their Love Story

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What Brought These Two Together

In today’s world of technology, a simple interaction can connect you to someone that can change your life. For Chris and Jessica, Facebook’s dating app introduced them to each other and arranged their first “virtual” introduction by displaying their profiles. Jessica was one of three profiles that Chris came across shortly after joining and he quickly found that she was the only one that he was gravitating towards. It was as if the universe was working its magic because the next day, he woke up and found an alert on his phone – Jessica had “liked” him back! He immediately broke the ice by sending her a message and they quickly began chatting. 

The connection was mutually felt by both of them, and Chris decided to ask Jessica for her phone number. Not only did Jessica share her number, but these two talked on the phone for an average of 6 hours, three nights in a row, until Jessica finally asked if he wanted to come to see her in person. Although Jessica was in quarantine, Chris was all in and accepted the invite. As Chris reflected on their first meeting in person, he said “I knew from the first night we spent talking and snuggling that Jessica was someone I wanted in my life.” Ever since that day (February 5th, 2021), they have only spent less then 10 days apart! 

When we asked Chris and Jessica when they knew marriage was the next chapter in their love story, Chris shared “We decided getting married was the only options for us. Our views on life, family, etc. were all so similar. We are each others best friends and can’t imagine life without the other one.”

The top five things Chris and Jessica enjoy doing in their free time (in no particular order) are watching movies, going to OBX, eating at their favorite restaurants, spending time with their family, and laughing together. 

Above everything else, Chris and Jessica value honesty, compassion, and selflessness. 

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The Airlie

This Warrenton, Virginia wedding venue invites you to celebrate your special day on a historical farm surrounded by the romantic landscapes of Virginia. With every step around the farm grounds, beauty and romance fill the air and you find yourself lost in the charming atmosphere of this breathtaking garden styled venue!
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