Danielle & Brendan

Danielle & Brendan

This perfect pair gives thanks to a close friend who played matchmaker!

A Bluemont Wedding Videographer's Look Into Their Love Story

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What Brought These Two Together

Danielle and Brendan’s love story began on a fateful Thanksgiving Eve in 2017. A little backstory about the infamous Thanksgiving Eve – mostly everyone from Ashburn comes home from college and goes to Clyde’s, a local restaurant. Danielle and her close friend (now maid of honor), Lauryn, had made this a tradition every year since Lauryn live in Richmond and Danielle lived in Ashburn. This particular year of 2017, they had graduated college three years prior. As they were standing in line they thought to themselves, “Are we too old for this?!” They continued in line and finally got in, as they were meeting Lauryn’s brother, Hunter, and his friends. 

As the drinks were flowing we finally found them. Danielle was enjoying the moment and barely paid any attention, but little did she know, Lauryn was plotting a plan. She had decided to be a matchmaker, and “help” Brendan with his “game”. It was as if she had her own inkling how wonderful these two would be together. Lauryn was encouraging Brendan to go up to Danielle and giving him pointers of what he should say to break the ice. Danielle at first was thinking, “Who in the world is this guy?” Fast forward a little less than a month later, and they were officially dating and have been inseparable ever since. Fun fact – Lauryn clearly takes all the credit for this! 

When we asked Danielle and Brendan when they decided marriage was the next chapter in their love story, Danielle expressed how quickly they each knew their relationship was something special that would last forever. She shared, “We have been dating for five years now, officially own a home together, and have two dogs! We are ready to start a family (with humans, in addition to our fur-babies). 

In their free time, this cute couple enjoys going on vacations, visiting breweries and wineries, and hanging out with their friends. You can also find them relaxing together with dinner and movie dates at home, and playing/walking/cuddling their two dogs, Heidi and Bennett. These two long living in the moment and rarely take pictures. They are both looking forward to this changing after April 29th, and being able to fill their home with photos of their wedding day!

Above everything, Danielle and Brendan value honesty, companionship, and appreciate each other’s family-orientedness and the love they have for their families and, of course, their dogs!

The Wedding Venue

The View at Bluemont located in Bluemont, VA. 

The Wedding Videography Team

At TLIC it is our absolute motivation to make each moment of the wedding day memorable. Our team is committed to making the highest quality cinematic wedding films as well as crystal clear wedding photos.

Chris Hiltz – TLIC Owner

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