Questions Worth Asking

Weddings is what we live for! From our first wedding back in 2016 to now, we look forward to every single couple that we serve. We only hire people that are in love with weddings. 

We absolutely love it when we get to both film and photograph a wedding but it is not a requirement to work with TLIC. You may choose Photo, Video or Both! 


We have an amazing team behind TLIC. After each wedding, we get to work right away to make sure you do not have to wait forever for your photos and videos to come back.

Yes, we like to create a personal experience for each one of our couples. If you get video only we will have to work a deal with your photographer in order to make your blog article! 

All of our packages come with all-day coverage. This includes 48 hours of coverage if you get both our photo and video team! (2 Photographers for 12 hours + 2 Videographers for 12 hours). 

We do not give discounts for shorter weddings. 

Yes, as long as Drones are allowed by your venue we fly them. They are included with any wedding videography package. 

We like to make payment as easy as possible. Once you pick your package or design your own, you will be able to pay two different ways.

You can either pay in full or 50/50. The first 50% is due at the time of booking and the last 50% is due 30 days AFTER your wedding. 

Yes we are a fully registered and insured LLC 

We have an exclusive partnership with White House Custom Color. We highly recommend that you purchase your most important prints from our gallery. They will be much higher quality than what you can get from a consumer print lab like Shuterstock or Costco photos. 

We give print release after 30 days which is just a fancy way of saying you can do whatever you want with your photos once we deliver them! 

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