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High School Sweethearts Graduate to Husband and Wife!

A Manchester Wedding Photographer & Videographer's Look Into Their Love Story

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What Brought These Two Together

Many people describe the feeling of simply just knowing they have found their person. This is exactly how Hailey and Luke’s love story began in the winter of 2013 while they were both in high school. These two first knew each other through a mutual friend that Hailey happened to be dating at the time. It wasn’t long before Hailey and he had gone their separate ways, and Luke decided to reach out to check on how Hailey was doing. After some searching to find her social media profile, Luke messaged Hailey on Instagram to ask how she was doing and ended up asking for her phone number. Little did they each know this would lead not only to their first date but ultimately to the beginning of something magical.

Soon they found themselves spending more time together, planning regular dates, and meeting each other’s friends and families. This snowball of love continued as they shared more exciting milestones together from becoming an official couple and buying their first home to getting engaged and planning their wedding! Both Hailey and Luke feel so blessed to have found one another. They are looking forward to making more memories together as they get married and pursue their dream of starting a family together.

When we asked Hailey and Luke when they knew marriage was the next chapter in their love story, they both said they knew from a young age they were soulmates and wanted to build a future together. Hailey shared, “We started dating back in December 2013, and although we both knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, we were just too young at the time to get married. We were high school sweethearts and after 7 years we finally were in the right place in our lives to make this commitment to each other that would last a lifetime. We both knew for a long time that we were each other’s person, we always have each other’s back and support throughout our relationship. We couldn’t be happier that we’re taking this next phase of life on together!”

In their free time, Hailey and Luke enjoy spending time with their friends and family and attending church together. As a couple, they love car rides where they can share conversations, dance, sing and just act silly together. They also enjoy adventures whether it’s traveling and experiencing new things, or being on the water.

Three shared values that Hailey and Luke have built their strong and loving relationship on are their religion, their life goals, and their love for family, friends, and animals.

Celebrating Their Engagement

Engagement Session Location

Harper’s Ferry

This quaint 19th century town is designated a National Historic District by the National Register. The architecture of the houses and shops reflect the town’s history as a transportation hub 1800 – 1860, a strategic location during the Civil War, a thriving industrial center based on water power in the late 1800s. The Harpers Ferry National Historic Park offers museums, events, and tours. The Appalachian Trail courses through town as its halfway mark between Georgia and Maine.
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The Wedding Day

Their Beautiful Wedding Photos

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The WEdding Venue

Wisteria Cottage & Barn


is a charming, rustic wedding venue located in Manchester, Carroll County Maryland. Wisteria Cottage & Barn offers you full access to a historic cottage, complete with beautiful gardens, a ceremonial lawn, a silo bar, and an Instagrammable bank barn. Located just 45 minutes from Baltimore, Wisteria is an exceptional venue for your wedding celebration!

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