Hannah & Brandon

Hannah & Brandon

When two people always encourage each other to be the best that they can be.

A Frederick Wedding Videographers Look Into Their Love Story

About their Wedding

What Brought These Two Together

Hannah and Brandon met while they were in college. Hannah’s friend had managed to get her on top of a refrigerator at a party. After some time, and a lot of laughs, in comes her knight in shiny armor to save the day. After Brandon saved Hannah from the treacherous Frigidaire, they played some “pong” and had a good night. 

On and off during college, they saw each other, going on dates every now and then. However, they discovered, at that point they were both too strong-willed to settle down into a relationship. Hannah recants this time as “the right person but the wrong time”. Eventually, their coming together and drifting apart settled down and they realized that all their “right times” happened when they were together. Even though they tried to let their strong-willed personalities keep them apart, in the end, it’s what brought them together. 

When asked why they decided to get married they would say that they are happiest when they are together. They realize what it means to grow and succeed together and, because of their love for one another, they know that they want to be married forever. 

If you run into Hannah and Brandon you will find them either at a winery or brewery, watching TV, having a lazy day at the beach or with their favorite fluffy family member Kula.

Hannah and Brandon put a high value on mutual support, independence, and quality time. Three key ingredients to a happy and long relationship! 

The team at TLIC Media is proud to present to you the wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Krehling

A Look At The Team Behind The Scenes

The Wedding Venue

Walkers Overlook is a stunning manor venue in Frederick Maryland.   I appreciate the layout of this venue. It’s not over the top but it’s great if you are looking for a Frederick venue with a nice manor and plenty of space. I personally find it stunning. 

The Wedding Videography Team

At TLIC it is our absolute motivation to make each moment of the wedding day memorable. Our team is committed to making the highest quality cinematic wedding films as well as crystal clear wedding photos.

Chris Hiltz – TLIC Owner

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