Hope & Tyler

Hope & Tyler

When spring break romance turns into a life long friendship.

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Spring break. A time of getting away from the college hustle. A way of releasing the mid-term stressors. A momentary but seemingly necessary lapse in memory from the real world.  For Hope and Tyler spring break was much more than that. One year Hope made her hopeful pilgrimage to spring break at Daytona Beach. During the festivities, she happened to come across a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, dashingly attractive young man named Tyler. As fate would have it, they instantly clicked, and soon after they realized they had something special.  Departing back to reality, they didn’t forget the chemistry they experience. They stayed in touch and started to visit each other frequently. They realized how much they valued each other’s authenticity. They were both on the same page with many of their important life directives. Naturally, but even with its challenges, they began to start dating long distance. At a certain point, they knew they had to give their relationship a more local test. Hope moved to Texas with Tyler. Even though it was a risky decision they never seemed to move out of the “honeymoon phase”. Their relationship continued to grow over time and now they are happy to spend the rest of eternity together.

When I asked Hope why they decided to get married she said, “We always talked about the future and it never became a question of “if” we get married but rather “when” we get married. We knew we each found our soulmate and couldn’t imagine spending life with anyone else.”

When you run into Tyler and Hope more than likely they will be out for a long walk, traveling to a new place, walking their dog on a new trail, exploring new hobbies, or watching a movie.

Above all, they both value family, integrity, and hard work. I know these two will be devoted to each other in honesty and faith!

The team at TLIC Media is proud to present to you the wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Vasconez

The Wedding Videography Team

Lexy and I had a blast at Hope and Tyler’s wedding. We love traveling and getting to see Jekyll Island was an experience we won’t forget. For us, Hope and Tyler represent selflessness and compassion. They both are sweethearts and a joy to be around. We were honored to celebrate their wedding with them! 

Chris HiltzTLIC Owner

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