How to Make a Wedding Location Look Amazing?

As wedding photographers, our biggest challenge is to make an ordinary venue look spectacular in photographs. Through the years, we’ve learned how to make any location look stunning to make your big day look breathtaking in photographs. Here are some tips we use to make any wedding location look amazing.

Crop Away!

This happens in the post-production photo editing phase. You should strategically crop your images to cut off distracting elements in the composition, like an unnecessary foreground and extra people. This will make the image look high-end and professional. You can also crop out the negative space to make your subjects the focal point of the image.

A High Compression Lens is Your Friend

A high compression 85mm lens is your friend when it comes to hiding distractions and imperfections from your frame. Moreover, you’ll also get a highly compressed and creamy foreground. This lens is the best way to subtly veil some aspects in the wedding location without being too overt.

Vertical Shots Will Do It

While turning the camera vertical may seem easy, shooting vertically is a skill to learn with time. Shooting with a vertical camera closer to your subject will help you eliminate all the distractions from your frame and capture better pictures.

This way, you will photograph with better intention and save time in the post-production processes. It will help you maintain the image quality without feeling the need to crop out negative space.

Bride and groom holding hands

Focus On the Foreground and Incorporate Visual Interest to Hide Distractions

The foreground is a buzzword in photography, and we love it! We’re obsessed with the layering foreground provides. When working with a difficult location, you can add a foreground to make it work.

You can manually add a foreground to your frame as well. When you don’t have access to a bush or a bunch of flowers, you can hold these objects in front of the lens and create an illusion of a natural foreground. You can use this technique to hide distractions and soften your image.

Photo of a couple looking at each other

Block Distractions with Bodies

You can use the bride and groom to hide the imperfections of the wedding venue. Look at the location and think about how you can block certain things using your client’s bodies. Failure to do so can lead to losing out on potentially great shots!

You must strategically place your subjects in a way that hides all the imperfections of the location. The easiest way to do that is to ask them to make a pose where the couple’s bodies are close to each other.

Looking For a Wedding Photographer?

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