How to Pull Off the Perfect B&W Wedding Photo

Ah, there’s always that one wedding photo that puts a big smile on your face, and maybe causes a tear or two to roll down your cheek. More often than not, that magical picture is one of the few black and white shots in a wedding album.

When done right, B&W photos are dreamy, beautiful, enchanting, and timeless. They’re usually the shots that are framed by most couples.

As you brainstorm wedding photography and videography ideas for your big day, make sure you take some time to decide the kind of B&W shots you want. In this blog, we’re ready to serve some inspiration. Here’s how you can pull off the perfect B&W wedding photo on your big day.

1. Add a Glowing Element to the Shot

a B&W wedding shot

B&W shots come to life when there’s a glowing element in the picture. It could be anything: fireworks, sparklers, candles, or LED lights. As the incandescence stands out against the dark backdrop, the photo will look more visually compelling.

If you’re thinking of taking an indoor B&W shot, you can use candles or LED lights to achieve a similar effect. And if the shot is taken outdoors, let fireworks or sparklers do the magic.

2. The Classic Bride-Gazing-Out-the-Window Moment

a bride gazing out the window before her wedding ceremony

Every wedding album should feature a set of photos of the bride looking out the window shortly after getting ready. As you’re decked out in your wedding gown and veil with your makeup applied perfectly and your jewelry adding a beautiful sparkle to your look, gaze out the window with anticipation.

Your wedding photographer will capture a beautiful portrait with the train of your dress on display, the eagerness in your expression evident for all to see, and the vastness of the interior architecture adding a touch of sophistication to the shot.

This should be a solo shot. You can take more pictures with your bridesmaids, but make sure you get your solo B&W bride-gazing-out-the-window moment.

3. It’s an ‘80s Affair

a couple embracing on their wedding day

In 2021, most couples have been trying to pull off modern B&W shots. If you wish you were having an ‘80s wedding instead, do things a tad differently!

Let’s face it: ‘80s weddings were as passionate as it gets. The shots were oozing romance, the poses were laced with sweetness and serenity, and the backdrops were simply dreamy.

If you want your B&W shots to be a blast from the past, recreate this beautiful pose with your partner. When set against a backdrop as gorgeous as this, your B&W wedding shots will turn out absolutely magical.

Seal the ‘80s affair with a kiss!

Ready to pull off the perfect B&W wedding photos? We’re here to help.

Our professional wedding photographers and videographers are adept at capturing beautiful, unique, and timeless B&W shots. We’ll set up the perfect shot so you can look back at your wedding photos with pride and a deep, resounding love for your partner.

Take a closer look at our portfolio and packages to start your TLIC journey in Maryland, DC, or Virginia!

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