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What Brought These Two Together

Jessica and Gerson’s love story all began with a dance! They were each members of Bolivian dance groups, however, there was a twist…their groups were rivals. This was how they first came to know each other. They had their first official meeting at a Bolivian charity fundraiser event and the sparks flew immediately. 

During a night out with mutual friends, is when Gerson asked the question – “Will you dance with me?” With the music blaring and the shared passion and sensuality of dance, it was clear that love was in the air! 

Half a decade later, with countless memories shared, their love continues to flourish. Whether they’re traveling to different states, relaxing on Sun-drenched islands, or simply indulging each other’s niche interests at home, their love has never wavered.

On Valentine’s Day 2021, Gerson, popped the question…and Jessica said Yes! So as the next chapter begins in the story of Jessica & Gerson, we invite you to be part of their special day!

When we asked Jessica and Gerson how they knew marriage was the next chapter in their love story, Jessica shared “We been together for 6 years now and we just thought it was time. We decided that once we were stabled financially (bother having good jobs, finished degrees) we would settle down together. I think we would have gotten married earlier, but covid came along. Guess things happen for a reason!”

Jessica and Gerson have many activities they enjoy together as a couple. They enjoy exploring different restaurants around the northern VA/DC area (especially the speakeasy bars that are hidden as we like trying different cocktails:). You can also find them watching movies/series together just them  two or going to the movies just the two of them. They love to travel together whether it’s exploring different states they haven’t been and going to the Caribbean islands. Their next goal is to cross the ocean and explore Asia and Europe (They haven’t been yet). Jessica and Gerson also like renting the capital bikes in DC and bike around the monuments/ or just around DC. They have also rented the scooters too! Another thing they enjoy together is hanging out with their friends. They had, in the beginning, multiple groups of friends but over the years they have merged them together and now they are all friends. You can also find them double dating with their coupled friends.

As a couple, Jessica and Gerson value friendliness and kindness, being adventurous, and communication. They both can have a conversation and make friends with anyone. They also tell each other everything and truly are each other’s best friends, and are always up for an adventure together!

The Wedding Day

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The WEdding Venue

The Bellevue Conference & Events Center

located in Chantilly, Virginia, features four state-of-the-art ballrooms. Each space is elegantly appointed and exudes classic sophistication, with high ceilings, opulent chandelier lighting, and marble flooring being just some of this venue’s signature aspects. The Grand Marquesa Room is the largest banquet hall at this location and features stunning Corinthian limestone columns and a grand staircase that set the tone for refined affairs. 
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