Jill & Glen

No firefighter can extinguish this flame!

A Baltimore Wedding Photographer & Videographers Look Into Their Love Story

About their Wedding

What Brought These Two Together

Even though for years they have many mutual friends, it seems their paths had never crossed. Then as fate would have it a party brought them together. One of their mutual friends (a father and son) that they both were friends of invited them to the party. They met each other for the first time there and had an instant connection. They enjoyed a long evening laughing and talking with each other. They exchanged numbers that night and kicked off their relationship! Jill and Glen both work in the public safety field and this unites their passions. They have grown in love with each other over the time they have been together.

When I asked Jill why they decided to get married she said, “Over the years, we’ve become each other’s best friend. He’s my person and I’m his. We love each other dearly, and couldn’t envision spending life without the other by our side.”

If you run into this amazing couple you will more than likely find them traveling (even if it’s just a spontaneous shopping trip), cooking, trying new restaurants, watching a new tv show or movie, or snuggling up on the couch after a long days work.

Above anything Jill and Glen value trust, family, and commitment.

We at TLIC Media are so happy to congratulate Mr. & Mrs. Real

Celebrating Their Engagement

Their Amazing Wedding Photos

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