Shannon & Joel

Shannon & Joel

United by their love of fun foods, friends, and Jesus.

A Leesburg Wedding Videographers Look Into Their Love Story

About their Wedding

What Brought These Two Together

Shannon and Joel met through a group of mutual friends. Joel’s best friend found and fell in love with Shannon’s college roomie and best friend. The friend’s group grew and through it their families as well. As time went on, for many years, in fact, Joel began to pursue a relationship with Shannon. Then around Thanksgiving of 2016, he asked on their first date. They courted for a few months then began to date. Their relationship has grown over the years into a deep-seated love for one another. The lifelong partnership that they have formed came from years of smiles, good times, and an incredible friendship.  

When I asked Shannon why she and Joel were getting married, she said to me, “Joel and I share the same values, the same dreams, and the same vision for our future. We both are deeply in love with Jesus, and through that love, we’ve grown as a couple. We’ve faced good and bad together – from deployments and family struggles to anniversaries and professional accomplishments, there isn’t much we haven’t been through together. We made the choice to be partners for life because we make the best team – there is no fear that one will leave the other. We’re best friends!” What an amazing illustration of how two equally yoked people come together to celebrate such a joyous day as marriage. 

If you happen to befriend this couple you will more than likely catch them sharing a new fun food together (especially the spicy ones!), binging the latest Netflix show, having a competitive game night, or studying their bible together. They love their friends, and family as well as watching their nieces and nephew grow older.  

Above anything they value love. Love for Christ, love for others, and love for their country!

The Team at TLIC are proud to present to you, Mr. & Mrs. Canzanella

The Wedding Venue

It was a stunning day at Raspberry Plain Manor. Slightly overcast, perfect temp. I always enjoy this venue for its ease to get to, spacious reception hall, and beautiful open area behind the manor for the ceremony an pictures. 

The Wedding Videography Team

My team member Steven and I filmed Shannon and Joel’s wedding We had a blast from the moment we got there and started getting drone and venue details, to the very last dance with just Joel and Shannon and the sparkler getaway. 

Their family and friends were also a blast to be around. So blessed to be a part of their day! 

Chris Hiltz | Owner


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