Karly & AJ

Two adventure enthusiasts, set for the greatest adventure of their lives.

A Charlottesville Wedding videographers Look Into Their Love Story

About their Wedding

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What Brought These Two Together

College is a time where destinies are formed. It all builds up to senior year, a bittersweet year for most. Final finals, final parties, final goodbyes to the roommates that became your best friends.  For Karly and AJ Senior year was not just about the closing chapter of their higher education pursuits. It was also the opening of the new chapter in the fairytale love story. On their final Halloween celebration at Karly’s sorority house, she noticed something she hadn’t before. A tall strong looking guy named AJ. Even though their friend’s group was entangled somehow their paths had never crossed. She saw him looking good even without dressing up, he noticed her with her stunning mermaid outfit. They started to chat and it was obvious that there was chemistry. After that night they went on a few dates and realized that they had a ton in common. They found their other half.

When I asked Karly why she wanted to get married to AJ she said, “I think after a few months of dating, it was pretty apparent it was a serious relationship. I could always envision myself marrying him because he was such husband material! We didn’t want to rush into an engagement or marriage by any means, and we dated for 5 years before getting engaged. We really enjoyed our lives as boyfriend and girlfriend but we waited until it really felt right for us.”

These two have so much fun together! You will often find them planning the next trip (probably skiing), cuddling up for a good film, day trips to DC for cocktails and shopping, trying a new food spot, or doing something outside from biking, walking, birding, and even rollerblading! 

Above anything else, AJ and Karly value Respect for each other, putting families first and striving to always communicate, grow, and learn from one another. 

We at TLIC Media are so happy to congratulate the Mr. and Mrs. Neuharth-Keusch

The Wedding Venue

Keswick Vineyards 

will put more here after your reception!

The Wedding Videography Team


The Wedding Video That Says It All

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