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Tell me what brought you together. :Friendship. We met freshman year of high school, through a mutual friend. Chelsea had not yet accepted her sexuality and karyna supported her while coming to terms with it. Karyna helped Chelsea by loving and supporting her and reminding her that being gay did not change anything about Chelsea. That Chelsea was still the amazing, caring, kind-hearted, good person she had always been. That her liking girls did not change any of her amazing qualities and reminded Chelsea to love herself.
We lost contact after high school but found each other again when Karyna moved back to town after some life-changing events. Chelsea then supported Karyna while Karyna was coming to terms with herself, her past, and healing. Chelsea always supported Karyna reminding her that she was worthy of love and was a genuine kind person. That our mistakes do not define us and that the good in Karyna far outweighed any negative.

We both, at different points in our lives, unconditionally loved and supported each other through our growth and healing. Through pure friendship, even if we thought we could not be together romantically, we always had love for each other. We were best friends; that love and respect created a safe space for each of us to work through our hardships without judgment. A space for two young girls to be open and free. To grow alongside each other.

Why did you decide to get married?:We are soul mates, and no matter what life throws at us it will always be her. It has always been her. We haven’t had an easy or perfect relationship, or even life if we are being honest. But the truth is neither of us would be the woman we are today without the other. We have learned and grown together and we will continue to do for the rest of our lives. We believe for the rest of our lives we will always find our way back to each other. That’s how strong our love is. Even if it sounds silly, our love has and will continue to transcend anything the universe throws at us. Because we were made for each other and our love will always be unbreakable.
What are your top 5 things to do together?:1) Going on adventures and exploring nature.
2) driving around having a concert in the car or driving around having deep conversations about our lives/feelings
3) family cuddles/family play time, we treat our dog like she’s our human child haha
4) doing the small things together. We love cooking or taking care of the plants or cleaning the house etc, just the daily activities that we get to do together is always so much fun. We’ll blast music and dance and joke around just making the activity a fun team activity.
5) dinner. Every night no matter what’s going on or if we have opposite schedules, we always find the time to sit together and enjoy dinner. Even if it’s a quick dinner, it’s important to us. Even our dog has dinner when we have dinner.
What are 3 values that you two share? :1) spreading positivity, being a kind soul, and doing your best
2) healthy relation: practice integrity + honor dignity = connection. In other words, respecting ourselves while also respecting others’ “humanness” No one is perfect but we are all perfectly imperfect
3) spirituality; (energy exchange, changing perspectives, healing, respecting others’ journeys, being one with the universe, reincarnation, living from unconditional love, helping others, releasing the ego, being content and trusting the universe etc.)

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Ceresville Mansion located in Frederick, Maryland. This vintage 1888 mansion opened its doors to weddings, business events, private parties and other gatherings in 1989. It’s nine thousand square feet of refined architectural splendor.
Located on twenty-five riverside acres, with lovely mountain views, the Mansion offers a Grand Ballroom which seats as many as two hundred guests, or 150 guests with a dance floor, high ceilings, double parlors for smaller parties, and a garden terrace with reflecting pool and pergola for outdoor gatherings.
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