Katherine & Rachid

From the very beginning, it was clear they were purr-fect for each other, and had found their happily ever after!

A Warrenton Wedding Photographer & Videographer's Look Into Their Love Story

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What Brought These Two Together

For this adorable couple, there was magic between them since the very beginning. Rachid and Katherine met at Matchbox Twenty, a restaurant in Northern Virginia. They shared a pizza together, went to see a movie, and ended the night with ice cream. After that date, Rachid showed Katherine the marvel of Sheetz food, and then on their third date, Rachid planned a perfect day in Washington D.C. They walked through the Cherry Blossoms together, shared a golden pineapple drink at dinner, and ended the night at a comedy club. Rachid said “I love you” for the first time while visiting his family in New Jersey a few weeks later. From that day, their love for each other continued to grow. After a few years of dating, both of them knew in their hearts they had found their forever in each other. As they prepared for a move across the country to Utah, Rachid officially asked Katherine to marry him, and she said, “Yes!”

Rachid proposed because of how kind and thoughtful Katherine is. She has a big heart for her family and all the kids that she teaches. Katherine supports everything that Rachid does, including getting his Masters, moving to Utah for a new job, and serving on the United Way Board. Rachid loves Katherine’s willingness to go on adventures, try new foods, and have new experiences together. From a Bob Ross paint night, to making gingerbread houses and cookie decorating, Rachid enjoys Katherine’s creative passions with her!

Katherine said yes because of the laughter, and joy Rachid brings her. She’s loved watching him become a proud Cat Dad. He always thinks of what makes her happy and makes sure she’s well taken care of. Thankfully, he’s amazing at making decisions, and always does his research. She trusts him with her heart and is excited for their future together, wherever that takes them!

In their free time, Katherine and Rachid enjoy going on hikes, and visiting wineries. They enjoy quiet nights in cuddling with their Kitties, bingeing tv shows, and playing card or board games. 

Above everything else, Katherine and Rachid value making a positive impact on our world, showing appreciation and love often, and being there for each other no matter what. 

The Wedding Day

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The WEdding Venue

The Airlie

is a Warrenton, Virginia wedding venue that invites you to celebrate your special day on a historical farm surrounded by the romantic landscapes of Virginia. With every step around the farm grounds, beauty and romance fill the air and you find yourself lost in the charming atmosphere of this breathtaking garden styled venue!
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