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Separated by a few states, a chance meeting on a dating app marked the beginning of something special!

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It all started with a swipe right on Bumble and a simple response to a question, “Bloody Mary or mimosa?” to which Katie responded with Bloody Mary. In February 2019, Katie had just moved to Scottsdale, AZ, to start a new role at CDW, and Mike was a First Assignment Instructor Pilot (FAIP) assigned to Laughlin AFB, TX. Mike was on a training trip (cross country) to Scottsdale, AZ, for the weekend of the first connection. Phone numbers were exchanged, and conversations continued for the next few weeks. The ever impatient Katie asked Mike, “Are we going to be pen pals, or are you going to ask me out on a date?” Mike had to reveal that he did not live in Scottsdale but, rather, the West Texas Oasis of Del Rio, TX. Katie wasn’t particularly interested in pursuing a long-distance romance, having just arrived in a new city, so the conversations started to fizzle.

Fast forward one year later, Mike was heading back to Scottsdale, AZ, for a music festival with friends that involved two of his favorite bands: Dave Matthews Band and O.A.R. Mike was curious if that girl from Arizona would be attending the same music festival. As fate would have it, Katie was attending the concerts, and a meet-up was planned. On February 29 2020, leap day, Katie and Mike met with Dave serenading in the background for the first time. Coincidence would have it that Mike had a previously planned cross country trip to Scottsdale the following weekend. Mike and Katie spent the whole weekend together and even went to another music festival. Following a fun-filled weekend, Katie decided to plan a trip to Del Rio, TX.

As the world would have it, things began to lockdown due to the global pandemic. Forever a people person, Katie was driving herself insane by not having human interaction living in her loft apartment. As a result, a deranged plan was concocted where Katie would fly commercially to San Antonio, TX, and Mike would break military protocol to pick her up there. Initially planned to be a two-week trip to Del Rio ended up being a five-week stay with another three-week visit planned to follow in a couple of weeks. Mike was to move to San Antonio for three months of training starting in June 2020, so Katie helped pack Mike’s belongings to start a new adventure.

During this time, they decided that Katie would leave her beloved Arizona to join Mike in Destin, Florida, for Mike’s year-long course to learn how to fly the F-22. So, Katie flew to San Antonio to meet Mike, and they drove to Destin, Florida. A week later, Mike and Katie flew to Arizona to start the same process, but this time for Katie. In August 2020, Katie and Mike made another drive down Interstate 10 to Destin to move into their new beachside apartment. Upon completing B Course in April 2021, Mike and Katie learned that they would move (again) to Langley AFB, VA, for Mike’s next assignment. While on a trip with friends from Destin, and after a few drinks on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Katie and Mike made an offer on a house (via FaceTime) in Yorktown, VA, their 7th offer overall before moving to Virginia. The offer was accepted! So, Katie and Mike moved into their new home on May 28, 2021. Before leaving Florida, Mike had made a promise that they would be engaged by the end of the year.

After adjusting to life in a new state (Katie had never been to Virginia before.) with a new home, Katie accepted a new role within CDW. After a few months of adjustment and the end of the year quickly approaching, Mike started to think about his promise. Mike began to plan the special moment that Katie was patiently waiting for. Mike purchased an engagement ring with weeks to spare until the new year. Mike and Katie went out for afternoon drinks with friends at a local brewery on New Year’s Eve. That evening Mike and Katie hand rolled homemade sushi to ring in the new year. With a few minutes to go until the ball drop, Katie and Mike went into their living room to dance to their favorite song. With 2 seconds to go before the New Year, Mike got down on one knee to ask for Katie’s hand in marriage. Katie had snatched the ring out of the box before uttering a heartfelt yes!

After four States, three moves, two new jobs each, and one new home, Katie and Mike are ready for a life filled with love, lots of laughter, and endless happiness.


When we asked Katie and Mike how they knew marriage was the next chapter in their love story, Mike shared “We got married because we don’t see ourselves being with anyone else. We are truly happy when we are together.”

As a couple, Katie and Mike enjoy eating food (foodies), golfing, being outside, riding their bikes, and enjoying time on or near the water. 

Above everything else, Katie and Mike both share the values of being caring, driven, and family-oriented. They often put their own needs after each other’s and also have many goals that they still hope to accomplish. A strong family is very important to them and they hope to start their own soon!

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Keswick Vineyards located in Keswick, Virginia. Nestled in a valley of rolling farmland and surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, the pristine grounds of Edgewood Estate and Keswick Vineyards lend themselves as the perfect backdrop for your vineyard wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.
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