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Bonding over their passion for the medical field, they fell in love 'berry' quickly!!

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Would you know if the love of your life was right in front of you? Kim and Alex’s love story began in the pediatric emergency room where they both worked together. Kim had repeatedly asked Alex to cover some of her ER shifts, but he unfortunately had to decline. He was currently working another job and attending paramedic classes and did not have time in his crazy schedule. Fate however had other plans – Eventually, their shift schedules overlapped! Kim developed a crush on him first, pining from afar. Meanwhile, Alex admits he was far too busy to have a day off let alone a free moment to think about his social (and love) life. Cue fate again. 

They both found themselves attending a mandatory splinting class together, where they were partnered together and from that moment, sparks immediately began to fly! Now what happens after this depends on which of them you ask. They both attempted to ask each other out without realizing it. It was clear they both knew someone special was in front of them and had been all along. 

After meticulous planning of their schedules, their first date was to be an entire week later at Gainsville diner. Alex shared a moment from that magical first date, “A character trait I would grow to love, Kim is indecisive when choosing foods. After much deliberation, she decided on the blueberry pancakes, a staple breakfast food that everybody loves. Except, Kim doesn’t like blueberries in her pancakes! With surgical precision, she picked each and every single blueberry out of her pancake while holding a casual conversation.” 

From this moment on, it was clear to both Alex and Kim they had found their forever in each other. They are looking forward to making more ordinary, life moments (like pancakes at a diner) memorable and extraordinary together! 

When we asked Kim and Alex how they knew marriage was the next chapter they each shared a sweet note about how they each knew they had found their person. 

Kim shared, “He’s my best friend. He can make me laugh harder than anybody else. When he met my son, Liam, for the first time, they instantly connected, and later that evening my then four-year-old asked me ‘Mommy do you love him?’ and I responded ‘yes, why?’. ‘well if you love him you should marry him’. I knew then that he was right and I would one day spend the rest of my life with him.”

Alex shared, “I knew I would ask her to marry me well before she had any plans for the future. On our third date, I knew that I had found a special person who fit every part of my character and personality so well. I knew I had met a once-in-a-lifetime person. She pushes me to be the best possible version of myself, and I am grateful for every second we have spent together.”

Together as a couple, Kim and Alex enjoy hiking, escape rooms, traveling, sharing laughter and jokes, and playing cooperative videogames together. 

Above everything, Kim and Alex value honesty, humor and selflessness. 

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is located in the heart of wine country, nestled in the rolling hills of Leesburg, Virginia. Willow Brook’s “modern farmhouse” style white Wedding Barn with its three-story wall of windows, black metal roof, stunning hand-forged chandeliers, and overlooking hundreds of acres of beautiful countryside offers a breathtaking, fairy tale wedding experience! 
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