Madison & Hunter

Madison & Hunter

Overcoming the miles that separated them and officially owning their first home, they are excited to begin the next chapter of their love story!

A Bealeton Wedding Videographer's Look Into Their Love Story

About their Wedding

What Brought These Two Together

Madison and Hunter first met in September in their freshmen year in college. He was attending West Virginia University and I was a George Mason University in Virginia. One weekend he decided to visit a mutual friend of theirs at GMU. It was during this first night that him and Madison immediately clicked when they met ad exchanged phone numbers. They then texted for about a month, and as they spent time getting to know each other, they soon realized they had found something special. They soon found a way to visit each other again and then throughout their first semester took the time to get to know one another before deciding to officially make the commitment to pursue a long distance relationship. Though miles and distance can be challenging, the bond and love between them only few stronger as they made their relationship a priority every day. They made a long distance relationship work successfully for over five years. However, they both feel thankful and excited to finally be living in the same place and be able to spend daily moments together, side by side. 

When we asked Madison and Hunter when they knew marriage was the next step in their relationship, Madison shared, ” Hunter and I have been together for over 8 years. I started looking at wedding rings when I was a junior in college and even bought a wedding planner book because I was determined he was the person I was going to marry. Hunter and I were ready to be married at the end of college, when we knew we no longer had to endure a long distance relationship. But we waited a few more years to establish our professional careers. Hunter had even purchased my engagement ring a year before he proposed! Covid had hit and with the world shutting down there was no way we could have a special engagement let alone a normal wedding. Waiting until things started to get normal again was taunting but was worth the wait. He finally found the right moment and proposed on July 25th 2021, 3 days after my 26th birthday.”

Madison and Hunter’s top five favorite things to do together are 1. Eating out (which they admit they do too often), 2. see a movie in theaters (their favorite theaters are the ones that serve food and drinks to your seat), 3. Traveling (Whether it’s visiting her family in Chicago and South Florida, his family in Pittsburgh, Hunter during his long-term military trainings in Missouri, or one of their several trips to South Carolina, North Carolina or Tennessee), 4. Visiting breweries and wineries (they love how many there are in Northern VA), and 5. Spend time with their two kittens (Hunter is a huge pet love and has taken in her two adopted fur-babies as his own. Hazel and Yeti just turned 4.)

As a couple, Madison and Hunter value loyalty, trust and dependability.

The Wedding Venue

The Great Marsh Estate located in Bealeton, VA. The Manor House at Great Marsh Estate was constructed in the 1980’s, as a historical re-creation of a traditional Georgian Manor House. Used as a private residence for years, the transition to a wedding venue in 2018 seemed only natural.

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