Megan & AJ

Megan & AJ

They reconnected at a Clemson football game, and realized by the 4th quarter they were a perfect match!

A Frederick Wedding Videographer's Look Into Their Love Story

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What Brought These Two Together

Megan and AJ first met in college while they were attending Clemson University. One of the first memorable moments of their relationship involved Megan babysitting AJ’s puppy (who would later become their dog)! They also shared mutual friends and found themselves crossing paths as they hung out with a few of the same friends. At one point, AJ began to feel a spark and actually asked Megan out on a date a few times. Megan, playing hard to get, denied him. However, fate would soon show them both that they were destined to be together! 

Megan and AJ stayed in contact as friends after they graduated from college. Then 1 1/2 years later, completely by chance, they ran into each other at a football game. Megan had scored last-minute tickets to the game and texted two people to join her: AJ and her friend, Shea! They spent the entire game together and shared a celebratory (and slightly alcohol-encouraged) kiss at the end of a big Clemson win. The rest is history!

When we asked Megan and AJ how they knew marriage was the next chapter in their love story, Megan shared, “We enjoy each other and make each other better people. We hope God blesses us with some tiny humans that we can raise up together!”

In their free time, Megan and AJ enjoy anything active and outdoors! This includes spending time with their dog, Spiller. They also share a love of adventure and enjoy traveling together. You can also find them eating sushi together, and playing Backgammon at breweries! 

Above everything else, Megan and AJ value family, faith, and integrity. 

The Wedding Venue

Dulany’s Overlook located in Frederick, Maryland, and sitting high on a hill with expansive views, Dulaney’s Overlook is a 170-acre working crop farm located a few minutes outside of Frederick Maryland. It is a perfect venue for whimsical and exquisite weddings!

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