Melissa & Matt

With a shared passion for traveling and exploring new cultures, they are ready to take their love all over the world.

An Frederick Wedding Videographers Look Into Their Love Story

About their Wedding

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What Brought These Two Together

Melissa and Matt’s love story began on the popular dating site, Coffee Meets Bagel, where they were first introduced to each other’s profiles and the sparks began brewing. Instantly they recognized that the qualities and interests they shared could lead to a wonderful connection. In their search for love, both were driven, passionate individuals who knew exactly what they were looking for in their future partner. In fact, Melissa and Matt met for their first date at Dive Bar in Boston after exchanging a total of only 4 texts messages! It was not long after their first meeting that Melissa and Matt each discovered they had found everything they had been looking for in a partner, and knew they were a perfect match. When asked to describe their dynamic relationship Melissa said, “Matt is unbelievably generous with everyone, steadfast in his beliefs, is pretty much always present and content. I’m a bit more chaotic, but I think Matt loves that I get him to try new things all the time or push him to be out of his comfort zone.”

When we asked Melissa and Matt how they knew marriage was the next chapter in their love story Melissa shared, “Because we want to spend the rest of our lives together. Half of a successful marriage seems to be love, and the other half is finding the patience and humor to communicate through the challenging times. I think we found the person who will have the others back through anything, support each other through our individual dreams and goals, but also working together to make our combined live fun and adventurous. We want that partnership forever!”

In their free time, some of the activities Melissa and Matt love to do together are traveling, trying new foods, board games and puzzles, boxing, and taking their dog Charlie out for hikes, walks or fetch.

Three of the values Melissa and Matt share as a couple are adventurousness, cultural appreciation, and relationships and being generous with their time with their friends and families. They continued, “Adventurousness – with travel, food and new experiences! We have been to Germany, Portugal, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, and all around the US in the 2 years leading up to our engagement and it has been the best traveling with each other. Cultural Appreciation – we are both interested in learning and being curious about other cultures. We are taking German together, and hope to move abroad next year! Mel specifically wanted to move to a country that did not speak English, so it would force us to learn a new language and a way of thinking other than our homeland.”

With all the wonderful memories already made and all the amazing adventures ahead, this couple is proof that all you need is love and passports. Herzlichen glückwunsch to this adorable couple!

The Wedding Venue

Fingerboard Country Inn near Frederick, Maryland

I will write more after the wedding. 

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