Morgan & Ryan

I mean, who wouldn't want to marry their best friend?!

A Frederick Wedding Videographers Look Into Their Love Story

About their Wedding

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What Brought These Two Together

Ryan and Morgan met in 2013 at the University of Maryland in the business fraternity they both joined that year. They were friends for a couple of years; while friends, Morgan always loved how Ryan made her feel like the most important person in the room when she showed up. From Ryan’s perspective, he was attracted to her drive, her smarts, and how down to earth she was. He had a notion that she was special to him because he didn’t like how unavailable he always thought she was. They had gone on trips with friends before but it wasn’t until they went on a ski trip to Snowshoe in January 2016 that they realized there was something more. They happened to be only ones from their core group of friends on the trip. Because of the time they spent together they became closer than ever. The last night of the trip, Morgan admitted that she might have had a few too many, and ended up telling Ryan that she liked him, which was a bit of a surprise to both of them. The next week they went on their first official date. They continued to go on dates and soon after decided to make it official! 

When I asked Morgan why she wanted to marry Ryan she said, “Who wouldn’t want to marry their best friend? Our relationship is rooted in friendship as well as a deep respect and love for one another. Throughout the years, we’ve graduated college, started new jobs, moved (several times with roommates, then finally together), gained family members, got a dog, and through all of these changes have truly grown together. As our lives continue to change, we, too, want to continue to grow and lean on one another. We’ve known in our hearts for quite some time that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, so here’s to making it official!”

Ryan and Morgan love to travel together, take their dog, Charlie, for a walk, host their friends when they all hang out, go out to nice restaurants, and go to see their favorite musicians live. Above anything Morgan and Ryan value family, loyalty to each other, and always being present. 

The team at TLIC Media is proud to present to you the wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Crowder

The Wedding Venue

Walkers Overlook is a stunning manor venue in Frederick Maryland.   I appreciate the layout of this venue. It’s great if you are looking for a Frederick venue with a nice manor and plenty of space. I personally find it stunning. 

The Wedding Videography Team

At TLIC it is our absolute motivation to make each moment of the wedding day memorable. Our team is committed to making the highest quality cinematic wedding films as well as crystal clear wedding photos.

Chris Hiltz – TLIC Owner

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