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There isn’t much in this world that we love more than to film and photograph weddings. It’s our passion! We go above & beyond for every couple making sure from the start of the planning process to the day we deliver your content you have the best possible experience. See the couples who have shared their TLIC experience with others.

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Hello, and welcome!

I’m Chris, the mastermind behind TLIC Media. Filmmaker, storyteller, & lover of adventure. If you happened to run into me I would more than lkely be playing a game, hiking, or visiting a new city with my stunning wife Lexy.

I’m the type to find beauty in everything, even during the pandemic! Finding the silver lining to make the most of any situation is my super power.

I know that visual storytelling captures moments in a way nothing else can. Only photos and film will let you relive intimate moments, see the change on your partners face when you see each other for the first time, or relive your speeches.

Its an honor to be considered to capture your treasured moments, and I’m looking forward to getting to know you!

Your Stunning Pennsylvania Wedding

From the time you were young you may have dreamed of the day you would be united with the person you will spend the rest of your life with. In a flash this day will be celebrated and the marriage journey will begin. You are here right now looking for the perfect way to remember the day of your dreams. 

As a Pennsylvania wedding connoisseur, owner Chris and his team know the state’s wedding scene in and out. Our local knowledge allows us to arrange scenic backdrops for your engagement and wedding shoots. Whether you’re looking for a wheat field, a rustic old church, a body of water, or the epic monuments —we’ll find it for you, and we’ll do whatever it takes to capture your happiest moments on camera!

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Moments to Memories

It makes sense why you want to get married in Pennsylvania: it’s one of the most diverse states in the country. In every county and in every city you will find a mix of historic and modern treasures, diverse plant life, epic geography, and a full four seasons. 

From the city weddings in Pittsburg and Phillidelphia to the mountainside retreats in the Appalachian mountains, Pennsylvania has a wedding spot to make any couple’s dream a reality. 

You may have found that perfect spot, now you are collecting your details, rings, flowers, decor. Assemble your A-Team of vendors starting with your precious memories. A Photo and video team that work well to make every detail and every moment memorable for generations to come. You can rest assured that our team will work overtime to make that happen for you and your spouse. 

TLIC is where moments are transformed into memories.

Choose your next step!

We invest in our Cameras, Drones, Audio Recorders, Props, and Techniques so you can rest easy knowing that your Big day will be captured the right way.
Like a craftsman placing a ship in a bottle, we work carefully to craft your love story in a way it can be preserved forever!
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Thousands of couples in the DMV reach out to us each year to capture their wedding.

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Join Our Wait List

Thousands of couples in the DMV reach out to us each year to capture their wedding.

Join the wait list to temporarily reserve your wedding date.